Watership, Damn! explores the magic of hope in a dark world

21:56 October 08, 2019
By: Kimmie Tubré

If you're a child of the 1970s and 80s, then you are probably familiar with the British novel turned worldwide animated film, Watership Down.The best selling story is based on the journey of rabbits trying to find a new home as their old environment becomes invaded. WYAT had the opportunity to see the story reenacted in an adult satirical play.

Saturday night, the air at The Drifter Hotel was filled with weirdness as manic rabbits swam and scattered about and around the pool. By rabbits, we are talking about adult humans dressed in costumes as they performed an adult version of the story properly tilted, "Watership, Damn!"

From swimming rabbits, to dancing crops, to aerobatic birds; the show was interestingly entertaining, hilarious and simply hard to stop watching, even when you thought you should. About a diver's dream of a new home, the play was a tale that included oppression, perseverance and several underlying political references,

"...through song, and aquatic, aerial, and terrestrial dance, Watership, Damn! explores the magic of hope in a dark world."

The play was presented by Aqua Mob New Orleans and the Writers' included; Alayne Gobeille, Anita Vatshell and the Aqua Mob Cast. This was the third annual water ballet production put on by the Aqua Mob and crew. The show ran from Thursday- Saturday, September 26-28, and October 3-5.

Photos courtesy of: Brian Boudreaux

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