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Visit Museums Around the World, Even When You Can’t Travel: Five International Museums to Tour Virtually

09:00 October 08, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

In a period of American history where extended cultural contact is a commodity, a virtual museum tour may be just what many need to get back in touch with their sense of the fine arts. While it may be impossible to visit many of these cultural hubs in person at the present, a large number of them offer tours online so that you can still view the exhibits virtually. Listed below are five such establishments from across the world.

The British Museum

As the name might tell you, The British Museum is the premier English museum, neatly situated in London. With an absolutely staggering collection of over eight million total items of art and history, "comprehensive" scarcely scratches the surface of how many fragments of humanity are kept within The British Museum. They have a thoroughly stunning virtual tour that you can view by following the link HERE.

The Louvre

Synonymous with the word "museum," this iconic institution in Paris has the prideful distinction of being the single largest art museum in the world. With household-name pieces like the Mona Lisa, it is downright impossible to have a taste for the arts and not enjoy at least a few facets of the Louvre's immense repository. Virtual tours for this landmark are available HERE.

The Acropolis Museum

Another iconic institution, the Greek Acropolis Museum has its curation focused around archaeological discoveries. It houses findings of all sorts that were unearthed in and around the eponymous Acropolis of Athens. Considering The Acropolis Museum has not only fabulous exhibits and collections but is also situated in a gorgeous area of land in Athens, aesthetics alone warrant a visit to this institution, be it virtual or in-person. You can participate in one of their virtual tours by following the link HERE.

The Prado Museum

Known as Spain's premier museum of art, The Prado Museum is another unmissable institution for art-involved parties. Housing iconic pieces of Renaissance art like Fra Angelico's The Annunciation, The Prado Museum contains a collection that is both varied and voluminous. Nearly 200 years old, this house of art keeps a slick website informing and displaying many of the masterpieces present in its possession, but a virtual tour will allow you to see the more hidden gems that may not have made the highlight reel but are no less stunning. You can have a virtual tour of The Prado Museum for yourself by clicking HERE.

The Vatican Museums

Capping off this list of fine art institutions is a conglomerate of the Vatican's most alluring collections of our triumphs in history. Known almost instinctively by many for iconic works such as the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican houses some of the greatest creations and works of art that man has yet produced. With multiple different institutions all contributing to the larger experience, you can pick and choose a subject of your choice and almost definitely find a pertinent exhibit. The website houses multiple 360-degree panoramas and interactive experiences to enhance the virtual visiting of anyone who does not have the privilege to visit in-person at this time. You can view such panoramas and other virtual tours HERE.

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