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Holy Cross University Hosting Exhibit on Local Civil Rights Movement

07:00 February 16, 2024
By: Janay Major

Traveling HNOC Exhibit at Holy Cross

The University of Holy Cross is hosting an exhibit on campus from the New Orleans Historic Collection that highlights the contributions of Black New Orleanians to combat racism and desegregation in their city.

The exhibit, entitled The Trail They Blazed, honors local leaders, activists, and civil rights advocators. Holy Cross is conducting discussion panels through March 4 to highlight specific realms of Black contributions within New Orleans. The exhibit is free to the public and will be located in the Blaine Kern Library on campus.

The Trail They Blazed features over 40 recordings and sound bites from people involved in the local Civil Rights Movement. Visitors will be able to listen and read excerpts from the people who lived through it. Photographs will also be apart of the exhibit to illustrate these accounts. Desegregation in public schools, the march on City Hall in 1963, voter registration, and education reform are just some of the highlighted stories that will be featured in the exhibit.

Special panel discussions during Black History Month will include:

"Assessing our Progress: Over 60 years Since Desegregation, Where Does New Orleans Public Schools Stand Today?"

Wednesday, February 20

6-7:30 p.m., UHC Moreau Center

Dr. Jawan Brown-Alexander, CEO of Maroon, Inc., and lifelong educator will discuss the current state of New Orleans public schools, how desegregation played an impactful role on the school system, and the lived experience from students during desegregation.

"Resistance & Resilience during Desegregation: How Black Entrepreneurship Played a Role in Both"

Wednesday, February 28

6-7:30 p.m., UHC Moreau Center

University of Holy Cross Doctoral Candidate Nia Davis will explain how the role Black entrepreneurs played went far beyond their place of business. Black-owned businesses are a beacon of hope, community, and resistance. Join Davis as she highlights the socioeconomic impact of Black entrepreneurs in New Orleans.

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