[Images Provided by Steve Hatley]

Poptone at Home in the House of Blues

14:28 December 08, 2017
By: Steve Hatley

If you went into Tuesday night’s Poptone show expecting a Bauhaus reunion tour, you would have been sorely disappointed. But if you were hoping for the sound of Tones on Tail and Love and Rockets, you would have been a great deal more satisfied. In an interview with Where Y‘at, Kevin Haskins, the band’s drummer, said lead singer and guitarist Daniel Ash wanted to focus on material he wrote from the Bauhaus catalogue. He went on to say that the band isn’t just a side project and will soon be recording new material. Haskins also talked about touring with his daughter and how great the tour itself has been.

The show was a good representation of Ash and Haskins’s history together. The set covered a lot of material and wasn’t hit-filled at all, which would have upset some of the casual listeners. But on a whole, the audience was very appreciative of what was happening on stage. The addition of David’s daughter on bass and keyboards looked and felt natural. She has a steady grasp of the material she’s playing, and I look forward to seeing what she will have to contribute down the line.

The one Bauhaus track the band played, “Slice of Life,” was amazing, and hearing the Moby-sampled “Go” was a pleasant surprise in the encore. Overall, the evening was very enjoyable. In some ways, it was like rediscovering that one book in your collection you once forgot, but now remember why you loved it so. You can see more pictures HERE.

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