Poptone, Adventures in Touring, & A Family Affair
Dec 05 2017

Poptone, Adventures in Touring, & A Family Affair

By: Steve Hatley

Poptone is much more than a side project. The band formed earlier this year and members include Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins and Diva Dompé (Haskins' daughter). Ash and Haskins were both formerly of Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, Love and Rockets, and the Bubblemen. In their initial press release, the band announced, "Daniel and Kevin are revisiting their storied catalogue and presenting in a fresh, new direction, to combine their histories with a reinvigorated outlook for new tours and potentially new music."

Ahead of their New Orleans debut at the House of Blues, Haskins took the time to talk with Where Y’at about the band, touring, and a variety of other things.

[email protected]: How did this collaboration come to be?

KH: Daniel had a dream state visitation from Lemmy one night and woke up at 4am with The Ace Of Spades blasting in his head phones! He then had the thought that he should go back on the road and perform our back catalog.

[email protected]: Did you all ever just consider doing a proper Tones reunion?

KH: We have from time to time but things got in the way.

[email protected]: Are there any plans for future Bauhaus and or Love and Rockets tours or even new material with them.

KH: No plans right now

[email protected]: Where does the name come from?  I'm assuming it's a forest for the trees kind of thing, and beyond obvious.

KH: Daniel came up with it after the PIL song and we dropped the S.

[email protected]: Well at least it wasn’t something beyond obvious.  How is it like touring with your daughter?

KH: It's a great pleasure to tour with Diva, beyond words. We lock in really well as a rhythm section and Diva brings so much to the table. I feel very blessed.

[email protected]: How's the tour?  Are you all finding any inspiration out on the road?

KH: The touring is going amazingly well! We are getting so many glowing reviews and having a lot of fun together!

[email protected]: What are you all listening to, reading, and watching? And yes I do realize that ranks up there with what’s your favorite color, city to play, and if you were a tree question, but it's always nice to get into to creative mind.

KH: Today we have been listening to Bjork’s and Underworld’s new LPs. 

[email protected]: Is Poptone just a side cover project, or do you all plan on putting out an album of original material?

KH: Poptone is not a side project. It's all-consuming. We may release new music next year.

[email protected]: By looking at the setlists you all have played, there is an obvious lack of Bauhaus tunes as well as L&R hits?  Was there a reason behind this?

KH: Daniel only wants to perform songs he wrote and sang on which is understandable.

[email protected]: Do you think fans would be expecting too much?

KH: No

[email protected]: I'm excited you all put NOLA on the tour docket.  I'm guessing the last time any of you were here had to be the Love and Rockets tour in 1999 at the House of Blues, coincidentally where you all are playing.  The venue has changed a bit since then, but still amazing.  Prior to the House of Blues was the State Palace Theater in 1998 for the Bauhaus reunion tour.  Do you all have any plans while in town?

KH: We are looking forward to sampling the excellent cuisine and checking out the French Quarter. Maybe take in a graveyard.

Be sure to see Poptone at House of Blues on Tuesday, December 5, with a show starting at 8:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased here


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