Courtesy of New Orleans Photo Alliance

On the Fence: Public Photo Exhibit “The Photoville FENCE” Coming to New Orleans

09:00 November 13, 2020
By: Melanie Hucklebridge

The New Orleans Photo Alliance and PhotoNOLA announced that the public photography project The FENCE will be coming to New Orleans. The Photoville FENCE is a year-round public photographic project exhibited across big parks and downtown areas across the continent. There are over 90 featured photographers annually, with the displays bringing compelling visual stories into the public scope.

The FENCE will be opening this Saturday, November 14, at the Lafitte Greenway Trail. The exhibit will start at the Norman Francis Parkway and expand to Broad Street, featuring almost a quarter of a mile of photography. Not only is it an exhibit, but it will also headline the annual PhotoNOLA photography festival. The displays will last through the holidays and until the end of the project on February 21, 2021. It is currently being installed by Palmisano, a local construction company.

The exhibit spotlights a wide array of stories from both photographic and lens-based perspectives. Themes typically follow people, streets, creatures, nature, and food, among others, while elevating the understanding of both big-picture and close-to-home issues.

Chosen by a panel of over 70 curators and photo experts, the exhibit will feature the work of over 100 acclaimed national photographers, including big names from New Orleans such as Bruce Sunpie Barnes, Jourdan Barnes, Aria Mickenberg, Thom Bennett, William Widmer, and Patrick Niddrie. It will surely be an opportunity for people to enjoy both the work of local favorites and new names to drop.

The New Orleans Photo Alliance reportedly extended their gratitude to their numerous partners who made this kind of event possible and named Palmisano, NORD, Friends of Lafitte Greenway, Ralph and Susan Brennan, and Photoville, as well the individual donors. These events not only expose others to the diverse stories of photography, but bring the community together for what seems like moving art.

For more information on the project, please visit Photoville at

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