Photo by Instagram user @ghurst1264, Courtesy of NOMA

NOMA to Offer Free Admission for LA Residents on Sundays in July

13:00 July 02, 2021
By: Madeline Taliancich

While Louisiana residents have enjoyed free admission to the New Orleans Museum of Arts on Wednesdays for quite some time now, that privilege is expanding once again. During the month of July, all Louisiana residents will get free admission on Sundays as well thanks to the Helis Foundation as part of its Art and AC program. Who doesn't love the chance to enjoy some artwork for free while being free from the heat and rain constantly plaguing New Orleans during the summer months?

While inside NOMA, visitors can enjoy some of the exhibitions here for only a limited time. Starting July 13, Morir es Vivir (To Die is to Live) by New Orleans-based artist Marta Rodriguez Maleck will be on display. Maleck's exhibition is an audio collage made up of a series of interviews done in NOMA and throughout New Orleans with a focus on "cycles of living and dying as they relate to systems, beliefs, institutions, and relationships," according to

Ancestors in Stone will still be on display during July, but will head out of NOMA on August 1. This exhibition focuses on the way in which stone was used as a medium for ancestral veneration in West Africa; its centerpiece is an akwanshi stone monolith from Nigeria.

There are also several works currently on display in NOMA's exhibition A Brief History of Photography and Transmission, which focuses on photography's use in surveillance and protest.

Although it is not required, NOMA recommends reserving tickets online ahead of time for July 4, 11, 18, or 25 to give yourself a specific time slot during which to enjoy the museum. If you'd like to visit the Besthoff Sculpture Garden as well, regular prices still apply, though you can add sculpture garden tickets while reserving your museum entry time.

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