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New Orleans Nightmare Scares Up a Crowd for Halloween Season

07:00 October 26, 2023
By: Robert Witkowski

New Orleans Nightmare—if you dare!

Screams could be heard coming from the min-town of New Orleans Nightmare but of delight and not of the terror that usually accompanies haunted houses during Halloween season.

New Orleans Nightmare is in the shadow of the Huey P. Long Bridge. The creepiness of the house of horror is enhanced when Amtrak's Sunset Limited rumbles by in the trestle high above. Moonlight complements an eerie atmosphere,

The popular Halloween attraction has many fan-favorite scares but upped the ante by switching up the theme as patrons enter only to learn they have become future customers of the New Orleans Morgue, complete with a receptionist announcing their arrival to the unknown creatures awaiting ahead. And maybe a shot or two to take the edge off.

Without tipping New Orleans Nightmare's many severed hands, suffice to say there are new surprises, familiar scares, and many, many, many unexpected manias, zombies, and creatures lurking, often in plain sight.

Beyond the maze of hallways through connected buildings, New Orleans Nightmare also offers "easy" and "hard" escape rooms—with only five minutes to get out in time—and a pitch-black maze for teams of people to attempt navigating through, disoriented and distracted with blackout glasses, floating voices, and unexpected elements to inhibit progress.

With fun souvenirs, a full bar, and other surprises abounding, it is thrilling night out with family and friends—in a good way!

Enjoy the final week of frightful fun, especially with the full moon this weekend. New Orleans Nightmare runs through Halloween night and offers general admission tickets, along with VIP upgrades.

But the fun's not over when Halloween has passed! New Orleans Nightmare also offers a special Blackout event on Friday, November 3, and Saturday, November 4. This event features New Orleans Nightmare's same haunts, but guests will be going through the attraction with all of the lights turned off and groups are given only a glow stick to illuminate their way. Make your way through the darkness—if you dare!

** As some frights and imagery are intense, graphic, and startling, New Orleans Nightmare may not be suitable for younger children as noted in signage around the grounds.

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