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NOLA Accent in the Top 10 Most Attractive American Accents

07:00 April 19, 2024
By: Eliana Sarfati-Magill

New Orleans Sweet Talks

Charming, attractive, sexy, hot, and provocative are all words that describe the New Orleans accent in a recent study by Penn Stakes.

New Orleans ranked 10th for the most attractive accents in the United States. The unique NOLA drawl was mentioned 15,590 times over the course of a year through Brandwatch, a platform used to track social media audiences and opinions.

Number one in the rankings went to Southern accents in general, which only boosts NOLA's sultry street cred. Other regions and cities mentioned were New York, California, Texas, Boston, and the Midwest.

NOLA locals and tourists alike can attest to the accuracy of the study. The New Orleans accent, sometimes confused for a Brooklyn accent, has the unique combination of influences from Southern drawl, Creole and Cajun dialects of the area, African American English, and more. New Orleans also has it's own blend of local slang and phrases that many find enticing.

Funnily enough, one variety of the NOLA accent is known as the "Yat" accent, perhaps making Where Y'at one of the country's most attractive magazines, but we'll let y'all be the judge of that.

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