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Movie Review: MaXXXine

07:00 July 10, 2024
By: David Vicari

MaXXXine (2024)

MaXXXine is the third in Ti West's horror trilogy, which began with X and then continued with the prequel Pearl. These first two films, which were both released in 2022, are two of the best horror movies I have seen in recent years, so MaXXXine has a lot to live up to. While it's not quite in the same stratosphere as its predecessors, MaXXXine is still a good solid thriller and a worthy conclusion to the trilogy.

[Courtesy of A24]

Mia Goth returns as Maxine Minx, the lone survivor of the farmhouse slaughter depicted in X. The year is now 1985, and she is in Hollywood making adult films, but she wants to break into mainstream movies. She gets a juicy role in a horror sequel, but soon starts to get creepy messages from a copycat serial killer who is murdering strippers and wannabe actresses. Maxine is also harassed by a sleazebag private investigator named John Labat (played with oily glee by Kevin Bacon).

The duality of the main character is the most interesting part here. Maxine is the heroine but could easily become the villain, thanks to the complexities of the character as written by director West and, once again, a dynamic performance by Goth. However, the fact that the Maxine character isn't always likable may turn some viewers off, but, for me, Goth balances sympathetic with sinister.

It's clear that West knows and loves cinema, from the artistry of his shots and the darkly humorous scene of Maxine almost getting mugged by a street performer dressed as silent movie icon Buster Keaton to the giallo-inspired mystery killer wearing black gloves, a trench coat, and a fedora.

MaXXXine completes a terrific horror trilogy, and it would be awesome to see this three-movie marathon in a darkened theater.

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