Creole Love Nest by Andrew LaMar Hopkins 14 x 18.

Midnight in the Garden of Creole Artistry: Andrew Lamar Hopkins

15:00 October 07, 2022
By: Steven Foley



On Friday November 18, 2022 a new exhibition will open at The Cabildo in Jackson Square, in the French Quarter. This new exhibit will feature over 70 paintings that were created from the inspiration of artifacts from the Empire time period. It will be a five section exhibition: Creole (identity and the definition); historical (Marie Laveau, Baroness Pontalba, John James Audubon) and fictional figures everyday life of a Creole; architectural interior; representational architecture, artist's depiction of gender and sexuality, including his altar ego, Desiree Josephine Duplantier.


The paintings in the new exhibition will feature Creole peoples. (Creoles are any people who were born in Louisiana but their parents are of European descent.) The paintings also show off varying architecture, and the interior of those buildings. Most of the Creoles in the paintings are from high society. Hopkins depiction of the Creoles of this portion of society show off the opulent aesthetics that they helped to create in our world. Hopkins focus is primarily on the mixed-race and Black Creoles of the 1820s-1830's era. "You know, I paint everybody from that period...But my main focus is the free people of color, because their voice has been forgotten," the artist explains.


Andrew LaMar Hopkins is originally from Mobile, Alabama, but he moved to The Crescent City in the 1990s. Hopkins has been drawn to the city of New Orleans for its past, its architecture, its cemeteries, and her museums. It is this passion that helped him with his first art pieces in The Big Easy: mini-versions of antique furniture made of clay. He created these as a teenager and was selling them in various museum gift shops in the city. As time went by, Andrew extensively researched the Creole history and culture in architecture, material culture, and the daily lives of the Creole folk. Hopkins has been featured in New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, museums, and most recently in Antiques 100th anniversary edition, where he is a featured artist profile by acclaimed writer, John Berendt (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil). This all culminates into the Creole New Orleans, Honey! exhibition.

Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser and the Louisiana State Museum will unveil Creole New Orleans, Honey! This new exhibit is curated by Polly Rolman-Smith, and Joyce Miller. There are three exciting events in the Cabildo to begin the exhibition. The first is a Patron Party, second a Founders Ball (Empire-period costume ball), and finally an afternoon tea with Miss Desiree. The exhibit will run from November 18, 2022- mid-September 2023.

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