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Memories of the Old Blue Plate Mayonnaise Plant...

09:56 May 15, 2017
By: Keith John Paul Horcasitas
A few years ago, in traveling through my beloved hometown of N'awlins, I passed by the Blue Plate Mayonnaise Plant on Jeff Davis Pkwy. that is now a cool looking "Artistic Apartment Loft!" 
Memories of the Old Blue Plate Mayonnaise Plant...

As a kid when we took our family Sunday visits from Uptown to Gentilly to visit Grandma Kleinpeter, we would pass there in my dad's old Plymouth. 
Us 'Yats have our own way of pronouncing "my - o - nass!" - but you have to be careful using that around "foreigners" - anyone not born in the Big Easy! 

So, later, when I was in graduate school at SDSU and a live-in, caregiver for Lucille, a feisty and frail, hard of hearing 83-year-old widow, I had a memorable experience with our 'Yat linguistics. 

One day, after I did some yard work for Lucille, we sat down for lunch and were making ham sandwiches. 
I kindly asked Lucille to "pass me her 'my - o - nass,'" at which she got indignant and said, 
"Keith, I'm shocked at you - how can you ask for my a _ _! I thought you were a good Catholic boy?!" 
I don't think I had ever blushed as much as a crawfish till then! 
After I explained what I meant, we had a good laugh and I pretended to make a muffuletta!
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