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Good Bye Old Friend

21:00 April 09, 2015
By: Aidi Kansas

On March 28 my family and I experienced intense grief over the loss of our dog, Oso.  

Oso lived 16 years and died of old age...we think. The reason why I say "we think" is because Oso had psychically communicated to me on Friday morning at 5:45 am, before I had even gotten out of bed, that he was dying. Like most clairvoyant people, getting information ahead of time is not something that we can explain – we just know. Once I actually saw Oso stumbling around banging into things downstairs, I knew immediately my intuition had not failed me. Although, for once, I wish it had.  

Euthanizing our pet was not easy to talk my husband into. He was not convinced by my psychic prediction and claimed I was being dramatic (which I will be the first to admit I can be). He thought we should give Oso a chance to bounce back, like he had successfully done so many times in the past. We fought most of the day about my inability to be positive.

As the dying process progressed over the next 24 hours, everyone agreed it was looking grim and Oso needed to be euthanized.
It was heart wrenching and beautiful all at once.

One of the things that my dog had communicated to us, like many pets do, was his disdain for the vet's office. As lovely as the folks are at our vet clinic, we wanted our sweet boy to pass away peacefully in the comfort of his home. I asked the angels to please help me make this happen, and in one click of a button I was in contact with the folks at "Lap of Love," a mobile euthanasia veterinary service.

Dr. Pamela was truly the angel I prayed for. She made the process as gentle and seamless as possible. Oso passed away with not so much as a flinch. No pain, no fear, just love surrounding him.


Oso taught my family and me so much about unconditional love and strength. I am comforted by the thought that his soul will meet mine one day.

So what happens to our pets when they die?

The days after Oso passed away were filled with a lot of sadness and tears. The house felt heavy with Oso's energy and I could feel his presence. I actually saw my sweet boy sitting on the back porch; another time, I saw him going up the stairs. Each time I saw his whole form, but never his face. The craziest thing I experienced with my sister and children happened in my kitchen. We were all standing around engulfed in sad energy when out of nowhere we heard Oso's undeniable bark come from the den, where he used to lie. It happened only once. We heard it clear as day and the look on everyone's face was unforgettable. We all screamed in delight certain that he wanted us to know he was fine and still with us. I made a choice to accept his passing and cheer up because what we had was truly a gift. To quote Dr. Seuss: "I was not going to be sad it was over, I was going to be happy I got to experience it."

Did Oso finally make his transition and cross over? I believe so. No one can prove what happens for certain, but when you practice listening to your inner voice and trusting the Universe like I have, you will find that there are patterns within the dying and birth process.

I believe that all animals have souls. Animals have a purpose and that is to teach us. Humans are here to be enlightened, to learn our lessons,  and although our purposes are different, they are meant to work together.  

Oso taught my family and me so much about unconditional love and strength. I am comforted by the thought that his soul will meet mine one day when it's my time, at the Rainbow bridge. I'm happy to say that I also had a dream with my sweet boy just last night. Like the dreams that I've had with deceased loved ones, my Oso was young and healthy, his face completely golden brown without a trace of grey. I walked  to the door because someone had rang the doorbell. Right as I'm walking into the foyer, I remember feeling uneasy because I wasn't expecting anyone. Right at that moment my sweet dog appears at my side and makes his presence known to the stranger. I felt so much love, and then I woke up. The message here is evident to me that this beautiful creature's soul will always remain loyal and connected to me as long as I believe he is. 


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