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Spiritual Makeover

05:09 March 12, 2015
By: Aidi Kansas

This week, Lauren from New Orleans writes in seeking relationship and career guidance.

I am a 34-year-old woman who is unhappy in nearly every way. I've been in a relationship for five years with a man I don't love enough to marry, but I am too afraid of breaking up with him for fear of hurting him. I am also stuck in a rut at work. I have a job that I don't like and have no interest in growing with because I don't believe in the product I'm selling; I also I don't like the people I work with. I'm with someone so I won't be alone and I'm with my job because it pays the bills. I do have a therapist that I've been seeing for years but have realized that I don't really like him either because we've been together so long I don't know how to end it. Please help! I heard from people that you tell it like it is. I really need a spiritual ass kicking and a lesson on listening to my inner voice.

Thanks in advance.

~ Lauren, New Orleans


Hi Lauren,

Wow! You don’t just need a spiritual makeover, you need a spiritual backbone! Instead of doing what is best for you, you have believed that that saying no to someone or something means you are going to hurt of disappoint them.

We are all on our own spiritual journey, and learning from our mistakes is part of it. You are stuck in fear mode, and as long as fear directs you, you will never be happy—you will only attract the wrong things into your life. In other words, your ego will be making all of your decisions. That is NOT good.

I know that confrontation is not fun, and there is a risk of hurting someone you love, but you need to get over the fear and get into the practice of being true to yourself. Waiting until it is too late when peoples’ hearts are invested is the first thing you're doing wrong. If you pay attention to physical, mental, and emotional signs, you can tell if something is not right. If you ignore these signs, over time they become less and less obvious. As that happens, our lessons in life become more difficult and the will to confront others when necessary is dulled.  It’s a vicious cycle, and you need to pull yourself out of it.  

To begin the spiritual makeover, I'd like you to try some exercises first. Try spending the week playing out a scenario in your mind that incorporates a positive ending to your relationship.  You are only keeping your boyfriend from attaining happiness by keeping him in limbo. He could have found his true love by now. There's nothing good for him in dragging this out any longer. Also, think about the career path that you really wanted.  Envision what it would be like to feel good about the product you are selling and the people you are working with.

We are all on our own spiritual journey, and learning from our mistakes is part of it.

When doing your spiritual exercises, try to relax alone—take a walk or do something that is meditative. The goal is to clear your mind so that you can connect to your Higher Self. When you’re tense, nervous, or anxious, your energy gets blocked and you cannot trust your "gut" or hear your "inner voice".  Envision your boyfriend walking away peacefully and off with someone who truly loves him and wants to marry him. Think about that dream career.

Finally, sleep—or lack thereof—can be a big part of this vicious cycle. When you sleep, so does your ego and this allows your intuitive voice to free up.  That's where the saying, "why don't you sleep on it" comes from. Sleep allows our emotions to rest and our spirit to wake up.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep to get the best start on your spiritual makeover.

If you follow these steps, I think it will be easier for you to realize what you need to do and grow the spiritual backbone you are in search of.  


Local Psychic Energy Reader Aidi Kansas provides advice addressing your questions dealing with love, life, career choices and beyond. If you have a question you would like her to explain in this column, or to schedule a personal session, please contact her via email here, or through her Facebook page. 

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