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For the Record: Shop Locally on National Vinyl Record Day, August 12

11:00 August 12, 2020
By: Graham Andreae

It's been a growing trend in the United States: vinyl craziness. The reclamation of the record as a piece of culture has been on the rise since around 2000. (At least, for those watching closely.) Vinyl records are, without question, back now. If you are wondering how to celebrate National Vinyl Record Day, then this list has you covered.

Mushroom New Orleans is home to a great vinyl selection. They celebrate 4/20 as well as Record Day and are conveniently located on Broadway. Part head shop, part music shop, The Mushroom has whatever you need. 1037 Broadway St., (504) 866-6065,

The White Roach is one of those places that you really ought to visit, if only so you can say you went to a place called The White Roach. In addition, it boasts a solid vinyl collection, and it's an indie vinyl shop, so you can feel good buying from them. 5704 Magazine St., (985) 373-1751,

Peaches Records has a 14,000-square-foot location on Magazine Street that is definitely a must-visit. The store, started in 1975, features a wide selection of music in either vinyl, cassette, or CD, for whatever format suits your fancy. 4318 Magazine St., 282-3322,

Domino Sound Record Shack is another great locale that is home to some really excellent choices. The shop has a collection of reggae and international music, as well as a few other genres. Though niche, it is very trendy. 2557 Bayou Rd., (504) 309-0871,

Louisiana Music Factory, as the name might suggest, largely stocks music by artists from the state of Louisiana. This makes a trip here well worth it, if you want to get a sense of the depth of the music culture in Louisiana. You may not know what you want coming in, but you'll be sure to find something worthwhile once you look around. 421 Frenchmen St., (504) 586-1094,

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