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Five Nonprofits to Support on National Philanthropy Day November 15

15:00 November 12, 2020
By: Melanie Hucklebridge

While many of the national holidays that we cover are dealing with food, the upcoming Christmas holidays have everyone in a giving mood. Many nonprofits and charities function on the generous donations of their supporters, making this time of year a prime season for them. With everything that has gone wrong in 2020, many nonprofits have been working overtime to support millions of people and pets who have had a bad year. This list of Louisiana nonprofits should give you plenty of jumping-off points for finding the perfect charity to support on National Philanthropy Day, this Sunday, November 15.

Cajun Navy

When thinking about hurricane relief, most people in Louisiana think of the Cajun Navy. The Cajun Navy works to save lives during natural disasters and has been working tirelessly since 2016. Not only do they provide rescues, but they do missing-children search-and-rescues and debris-clearing. This year alone, they've worked to provide relief for those affected by Hurricanes Laura, Sally, Delta, and Zeta. Currently, they're taking donations—both monetary donations and cleaning materials and supplies, including rubber boots and wipes. 504-517-6289,

Louisiana SPCA

The Louisiana SPCA, or LASPCA, made news a few months ago for their free sheltering and care of animals displaced by Hurricane Laura. The LASCPA works to provide homes and care for pets while they await their forever homes. Whether you choose to adopt a pet in need or just give them supplies, the LASPCA has been working for over 130 years to provide furry friends with a temporary or permanent home. Donations of pet supplies and even money can help more pets get the vet care they need before being adopted, meaning you're not only bringing families together, but also saving lives. Multiple Locations,

Green Light New Orleans

Green Light New Orleans is an organization that prides itself on supporting local families to become more energy-efficient and sustainable. From having volunteers install free efficient light bulbs to planting backyard gardens and installing rain barrels, these actions help every family be better able to care for themselves and the planet. The organization started in 2006, and to date, they've built over 650 gardens and 950 rain barrels and saved residents over $27 million in utility costs. 8203 Jeanette St., 504-324-2429,

Robinson's Rescue

Robinson's Rescue is an animal rescue and hospital in Shreveport that holds a very special place in the hearts of many Louisianans. The rescue provides low-cost spay/neuter programs, as well as providing a way for people to humanely decrease pet overpopulation in various areas. They only service North Louisiana, but their services save healthy animals from euthanasia and allow low-income pet parents to be able to provide for their fur babies without breaking the bank. Their donations cover food, vaccines, and even the surgeries for the pets that they service. 25115 Line Ave., Shreveport, 318-221-0017,

St. Bernard Project

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the St. Bernard Project began to lead New Orleans to recovery by helping to rebuild and showing other areas how to structure their recovery. They serve low-to-moderate-income residents with a special focus on families, including those with young children, the under/uninsured, the elderly, disabled, and war veterans. Volunteers can help build the houses for these impacted individuals, and donations go to supplying the materials to build these houses. Since their inception, they have expanded to providing relief in disaster areas across the United States. Multiple locations,

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