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Where Y'at Chat, Virtual Version

16:17 April 15, 2020
By: Nikki Reyes

Where Y'at Virtual Chat, Questions:

1) Rename the coronavirus.
2) When you're out of quarantine, who or what will you hug first?

3) What would be your life's movie title during this time?

4) What have you learned during our pandemic?

5) April hosts "National Zipper Day." Who would you tell to zip it?


Ivy Robinson: Director of Sales, BB King's Blues Club NOLA

1) The COVID Coaster.
2) The tree of life.

3) A Series of Unfortunate Events.

4) I'm a crafty lady!

5) Twitter, in general.

Chef Lenny Minutillo: Owner, Happy Italian Pizzeria

1) No Time for You, Virus.
2) My wife, Sandy.

3) No One is on the Roof.

4) To turn to God more.

5) The speaker of the House.

Emily Diament, APR: Founder, Diament Public Relations

1) The Culture Killer.
2) Family and food!

3) Home Pregnant Starving.

4) To be more appreciative of downtime.

5) The president.

Grant Baudoin: Louisiana Artist, @grantme03

1) The Carnivorous.
2) Every single one of my girlfriends!

3) It's Coming to Me.

4) In particular, caring for others and necessarily caring for myself.

5) Nancy Pelosi.

John Andry: Dr. John Remedies, getcbdtox.com

1) The Insidious Monster.
2) My sister, Brooke Andry.

3) The American Dream.

4) I have resiliency and optimism.

5) Rush Limbaugh.

Lisa Bacques: NOLA Radio Queen, iHeartMedia

1) The Swamp Thing.
2) My mama!

3) A Room With a View.

4) I do appreciate socializing.

5) My boss.

Morgan Clay: Marketing Manager, NOLA Gold Rugby

1) Season Ender.
2) A bottle of red wine. Large, please!

3) Mo on the Geaux.

4) A lot of meetings can be done via email.

5) My dog, Lila.

Sedrick Thompson: Promoter and Owner, Lou Foxx Events

1) Another Bad Call for Our Who Dat Nation.
2) My mother, Syreetha.

3) Home Not So Alone.

4) I'm a loner, and I'm okay with dat!

5) All the naysayers of the coronavirus.

Tara Ridgdell, RN: NOLA-Born Nurse

1) Bad Ass M**********!
2) A shower.

3) It's a Wonderful World.

4) I'm not a schoolteacher.

5) That's a loaded question, Cha-Cha!

Taran Cornejo: Senior Marketing Manager, Winter Circle Productions

1) 2020 Canceler.
2) Whomever I see first!

3) Humble and Stir-Crazy.

4) I really do enjoy human interactions.

5) Donald Trump.

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