Buffalo Exchange to Host Pop-Up Shop to Celebrate 45 Years of Vintage Clothing

12:43 February 15, 2019
By: Madison McLoughlin

To celebrate 45 years of selling vintage clothing, Buffalo Exchange will host a pop-up shop on Saturday, March 16 and Sunday, March 17 at all of its locations, excluding outlets. The pop-up will include cool clothes, food, music, and some free giveaways.

Buffalo Exchange is known for buying and reselling clothing and accessories and participating in several charitable initiatives. The vintage shop and resale store first opened in 1974, when Kerstin Block had the idea, and since then, it has grown to 48 stores in 19 states.

“Somehow,” said Block, “I came upon the idea that there must be other people who are equally addicted to this kind of shopping, but who didn’t want to sort through as much stuff.”

Block began the business with her husband, Spencer, in Tuscan, Arizona. In the 45 years of the company’s existence, the company has expanded to include Block’s daughter Rebecca, who is now the vice president.

“My parents took a lot of time and effort to make sure that they were running a business they felt good about,” she said. “It was moral; it was based on treating people well.”

The Block family says that people are at the heart of Buffalo Exchange.

“This company has given my life meaning,” said Block. “I’m grateful that we’ve made it to 45 years and am glad to be able to share that with all of our customers. We wouldn’t be here today without them.”

For more information about Buffalo Exchange, go to buffaloexchange.com/location/new-orleans.

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