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Boots for Talkin' da Talk and Walkin' da Walk

11:41 September 11, 2017
By: Keith John Paul Horcasitas

“These Boots Are Made For Walkin'… 
And that's just what they'll do.... 
One of these days 
These boots are gonna fit just right on you!”

- adapted and revised from the famous Lee Hazelwood song that Nancy Sinatra made a # 1 in 1966 on the Billboard Hot 100! 

A few years ago, as I was driving down Perkins Street towards Siegen Lane, near to our Brookhollow Glen Subdivision, I spotted a sign towards the left in front of a mansion-like house that had the following on it: “Estate Sale.” 

This was a Saturday, when I usually go grocery shopping for my better-half, “Cookie.” so I couldn't pass up the temptation to check out what treasures I may find where a special family, The Bradfords, had lived. 

So as I was about to go into the residence, after having parked on the side of the front pond, I was brought back to memories of when the late Bishop Don L. Bradford used to allow me and our sons to fish there. 

How neat it was to see Andrew, JP and their friends get away from electronic games and enjoy the simple fellowship and fun like fishing. 

And how could I forget the great catfish that our boys caught there, which Andrew filleted for us to enjoy? 

The late Bishop Don, and his Spouse, now Pastor Linda, founded Charity Christian Center Church and Ministry Outreach on O'Neal. 

I went into the beautiful residence with the estate sale and was so blessed to see Pastor Linda and her daughters. 

As I perused some neat ceramic items in the rooms, my eyes were also drawn to some cool Durango Mohagany Wingtip Boots … and I thought to myself, “I've never owned boots before!” 

So after going back and forth with some other attractive things available at the estate sale, I kept going back to the boots … and asked one of the Bradford daughters how much they were. 

After giving me a super discounted amount for the boots, I next checked if they were my fitting size, 11 … I kinda yelled, “Yeah!” when I saw that the boots were indeed sized 11 and fit me snugly when I tried them on! 

It was amazing to think that the holy and humble Bishop Don Bradford wore those boots, as I took my first strides in them! 

I hugged Pastor Linda and her daughters as I walked away from their residence and subsequently got some “Dr. Scholls's” inserts to cushion my promenades … 

I certainly pray that I may not only “talk the talk”... but “walk the walk” of Jesus Christ, like Bishop Bradford did so well - in dem boots!

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