The 5 Best Drinking Games to Play at Home

16:15 March 23, 2020
By: Alena Cover

Of all cities, New Orleans is having an even harder time adjusting to having to spend a Saturday night inside. These fun drinking games can help take the edge off while you're cooped up.

Flip Cup

Two teams stand on opposite sides of a table, and each player has a cup of beer sitting on the table in front of them. Beginning at the same time, two players at the far end of the table (one from each team) drink their cup as fast as they can and then use one finger to flip their cup so that it stands upside down. When a player succeeds, the next teammate can begin, and it continues down the line until every player is done. The first group to finish wins.

Most Likely

Everyone sits in a circle and takes turns asking, "Who is most likely to (blank)?" After each question, everyone points at the person they think would be the most likely to do said activity, and the person with the most fingers pointing at them has to drink.

Bite the Bag

A paper bag is set on the floor, and players take turns trying to pick up the bag using only their mouths (no hands allowed, even for balance). Anyone who fails to pick up the bag has to drink. After each round, part of the bag is snipped off, so that the bag gets smaller and smaller until only the bottom section remains.


Players go in order counting up from one, each person saying the next number. The number 7 and multiples of it are replaced with the word "buzz." Anyone who misses one has to drink.


Everyone sits around a table and each player chooses a hand signal. The person who starts the game does their own hand signal and then another person's hand signal, while everyone else thumps their hands against the edge of the table to keep time. Next, the person whose hand signal was used repeats the signal and then does someone else's signal, and so on. Whoever makes a mistake or takes too long to respond has to drink.

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