Zoes Kitchen Debuts New Items

20:30 February 18, 2016
By: Emily Hingle

The beloved Mediterranean restuarant, Zoës Kitchen, has added four delicious new menu items to their already amazing menu. Chef Antonio Iocchi, hailing from Rome, Italy, has mixed his grandmother's love for fresh ingredients with his passion for the Mediterranean food lifestyle to create four brand new dishes for Zoës with locations in Elmwood, Veterans Blvd., and Old Metairie. Old Metairie's Manager Michael explains that Zoës "educates people about food." They only serve food with fresh ingredients and emphasize their menu item's healthy mixture of lean meats, power-packed grains and veggies, and heart-healthy oils.  

The Italian Piadina is an iconic street food, and Chef Iocchi perfected it to make the Rosemary Ham & Mozzerella Piadina and the Spinach & Mushroom Piadina. These warm sandwiches come full of greens and dripping delectable seasoned oil. 

For a savory starter, try the Mediterranean Baked Feta. Crossing French and Meditteranean tastes, this warm dish features a large block of zesty French feta cheese warmed up to the point of being pleasently hot, but still chewy, drizzled in extra virgin olive oil and herbs and surrounded with olives, cherry tomatoes, and calibrian peppers that the lucky eaters scoop up with seasoned pita chips. There's enough to go around the table because one bite is just so decadent. 

The Live Med Salad is not all about the greens, and has the addition of a bean new to Zoës cuisine. This fresh salad is equal parts spinach, thin slices of zucchini and yellow squash, cherry tomatoes, farro coated in pesto, and the lupini bean. This particular bean will be a huge hit with meat-eaters and veggie heads alike with more protein than an egg. Zoës soaks the lupini beans in brine until they're soft, but retain an incredible chewiness. This is the meatiest bean I've ever eaten; the mouthfeel is almost steak-like. This big salad is one that Elaine Benes would fight hard for. 

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