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Wild Lotus Yoga is Restoring Balance

05:00 June 17, 2015
By: Sarah Ashley Jolly

Wild Lotus Yoga opened their doors to me this weekend with an invitation to one of many events that they host throughout the summer. In fact, the students and instructors at Wild Lotus are busy all year round. The creative minds behind this studio organize and facilitate countless events throughout the year catering to every sort of taste.

This past Sunday, I attended the Spring Restore to Radiance Workshop. Although the weather recently has been noticeably hotter, this weekend rain was the name of the game. However, the scattered downpours didn't stop students from attending this three-hour restorative workshop. Students ranged from beginners, completely inexperienced in restorative yoga, to more advanced students who actually teach yoga during the week. The instructor, Andra Aitken, made everyone comfortable right from the start. Students were provided with props to assist in restorative postures that target connective tissues. Restorative yoga also serves to quiet the mind, and some believe it is more challenging than the most dynamic vinyasa flows, because postures are intended to be held for 5-15 minutes. However, others believe it to be the most relaxed form of yoga because props, including blankets, support all postures bolsters and blocks that make the experience completely painless, and relaxing. Most studios, Wild Lotus, included also provide eye pillows, that block out the light from the eyes, and provide a subtle weight that serves to disengage the nerves and sensory perceptions.

During the workshop Andra led the class in traditional Sanskrit chanting, as well as Hindu mythology. If this sort of experience sounds like something you would like try a restorative class at Wild Lotus, or a studio near you. Wild Lotus Yoga also offers a variety of other workshops, up next is a four week workshop on the foundations of yoga perfect for beginners looking to perfect their experience and build confidence in themselves and their practice. This class is $60, and you can register online.

Other upcoming workshops include: “Friday Night Yoga Jam” (Friday, June 19 6:00-7:30 PM – Uptown,) “Gospel Yoga Workshop” (Saturday, June 20 2:00-4:00 PM – Downtown,) “Yoga, Storytelling, and Music Camp for Kids” (Monday June 22 – Friday June 26 10:00 AM-Noon – Uptown,) and “Conscious Connected Breathing Workshop” (Saturday June 27, 2:30-5:00 PM – Uptown.) More details can be found online, including materials and registration.

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