Anonymous Donor Gives Massive Donation to Xavier University
Aug 03 2020

Anonymous Donor Gives Massive Donation to Xavier University

By: John Glover

Xavier University of Louisiana, the country's only Catholic historically black college and university (HBCU), announced that they received a generous gift last week. The donation, coming in at an eye-popping $20 million, is the largest single contribution in that university's history. The person, or persons, behind the payment wish to remain incognito.

Xavier says that this sizable new pool of funds will go toward subsidizing students with scholarships, endowing new faculty positions, and making "much needed investments."

The gift comes in the midst of a concerted donation drive on the part of the university. It ushers in a "new era of fundraising" at an institution that's slowly coming up on a pivotal anniversary. Xavier will celebrate a century in 2025.

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