WYES? Show Kitchen Queens Will Celebrate New Orleans? Top Female Chefs
Aug 21 2019

WYES’ Show Kitchen Queens Will Celebrate New Orleans’ Top Female Chefs

By: Michelle Nicholson

WYES-TV has announced Kitchen Queens: New Orleans, a new cooking series that will highlight women who are transforming the culinary landscape.

The multitude of female chefs in the United States is growing. In fact, women have ownership in more than half of the nation's restaurants. In New Orleans, we are treated to the work of many James Beard award-winning and talented up-and-coming female chefs. Across 26 episodes, the new WYES series Kitchen Queens: New Orleans will share these women and their stories with viewers from afar by bringing them into the neighborhoods and restaurant kitchens of New Orleans.

The show may focus on acknowledging and lauding women who are breaking into the culinary arts, but diversity is also a major component of the show. The featured chefs have various backgrounds. Some are self-trained while others have degrees from culinary art schools. The represent Vietnam and Latin America as much as Louisiana Cajun and New Orleans Creole traditions.

The series honors the late Leah Chase, but will also delve into the life of Dooky Chase, who became a chef in 1946 and received a James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award 60 years later.

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