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What Not to Get Dads for Father’s Day

09:00 June 02, 2022
By: Kimmie Tubré

Dads. These guys are notoriously difficult to shop for. Let's face it--only a dad knows what a dad wants.

As kids we've all experienced making those noodle crafts, construction paper cards, and "Happy Father's Day" coloring paper sheets. Yep, you've certainly gone home with a crafty surprise for your dad. Dads around the world have been forced to grin and bear this, as it is obvious that they typically don't receive the same treatment as their maternal counterparts. While most Father's Day gifts are made with love, we can not deny that many dads go underappreciated on their special day. Because dads are hard to shop for, many of us tend to stick to the same old thing. Ties, socks, shirts and gadgets are always the winners. But are they?

Dads seem to smile through it, all and we take their simplicity as satisfaction. If we listen to fathers, we may learn that they aren't as content as they seem. After surveying a few fathers around town, we've found that there are many gifts that they can do without. This year, we should avoid buying gifts just for the sake of Father's Day and actually purchase things that they truly appreciate. Let's give it some thought. While this task may be a difficult feat, here's a helpful list of items you may want to reconsider for the future Father's Days to come.

Crafty Gifts

Cute, charming, and adorable, a crafty gift from the hands of a tiny human can be a precious item to receive. As enchanting as these gifts are, they aren't the only thing that a father should receive on his special day. Those crafty items are cute when you are a tiny tot, but making crafty gifts for dad should halt once you or your child enter the double digits. Save up those coins and get dad something worth his while. If money is an issue, you can always designate a day of spending time with your dad and doing something crafty together.

Chore-related Gifts

Yes, we're aware that many fathers love these sorts of presents: new lawn mowers, tool boxes, etc. But be sure to verify this first. Dad may be grimbling about his old rinky-dink lawn mower, but deep down, he just wants a break from mowing the lawn. Funny, but just because he complains doesn't mean that it is a gift he wants for Father's Day. Even if dad is the handiest man in town, try to avoid gifting him with items associated with chores unless he directly asks for them. When dad wants that new tool box set or yard care equipment, rest assured that he will go out and get those things on his own. With that said, a more suitable choice would be a gift certificate to Dad's favorite hardware store or helping him out with a household task that he's been trying to complete.

Ties, Socks, and Things

It's true, as we get older, we are much more appreciative of the basics. Things like socks and underwear become a necessity that we dont mind receiving as gifts. While it's true that we don't mind them, they should not be given for every occasion. I mean, how many ties, socks, and "Fruit of the Looms" does one dad need? Step it up a bit. If you're going to give the dads in your life these sorts of gifts, make them fancier. Buy Dad a high-end brand of underwear or the softest most comfortable socks that money can buy. If all else fails, get him a gift certificate to a store of his choice. That way, he can buy exactly what he wants.

The Dad Logo Gift

These sorts of gifts are cute for the first few years of fatherhood, but having too many number one dad shirts and mugs becomes a bit of a waste. A better idea is to make these monogrammed gifts make sense. Maybe each year you could do a family photo mug or an annual photo t-shirt of his children. These gifts have more meaning because he can always look back at their growth as opposed to looking back at a collection of shirts and mugs that say the same thing each year.

Random Gadgets & Toys

It's possible that you're looking at this list of what not to get and thinking, "Nope, I've never gotten any of these things for my dad." Until now. Because for sure, we are all guilty of the gadgety gift. The fidget spinners, the new tech toy, the stress ball—you may have even purchased one of those metal ring trap contraptions. If you know, you know. Nonetheless, all of these gifts end up in the junk drawer or closet. These are no different from buying trinket toys for kids. Their appeal rapidly wears off, and they end up in the land of no return. Be more practical. Instead of the new tech toy, make it a classic that he'll actually use. A new laptop or tablet. A television for his man cave. Think about what your dad will actually use and get that instead.

As you can see, dads are not just difficult to shop for. They are also loving, caring and practical humans who deserve special treatment on their special day. While this list is all in fun, we are aware that many dads would love to receive some of the things mentioned here because we all know that it is truly the thought that counts. With whatever you choose for the wonderful dads in your life, always lead with love, because dads deserve to be appreciated on Father's Day.

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