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Will You Accept the #LocalHeroesChallenge?

17:44 April 06, 2020
By: Kim Ranjbar

Although the struggle is real for each and every one of us, it's incredible to see how New Orleanians still retain the wherewithal to show an outpouring of support for our city's local heroes who are fighting daily to care for us against unbelievable odds. Individuals and businesses from every corner of the community are giving their all to all of those folks working tirelessly to keep up healthy and safe, from police officers and EMTs to hardworking hospital staff.

Near the beginning of the "stay at home" mandate in mid-March, Iam Christian Tucker - a former Baton Rouge police officer, entrepreneur, politician, fierce feminist and board member of the New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation (and that's just scratching the surface) - launched the #LocalHeroesChallenge on Instagram, encouraging folks to support both the restaurant industry and the city's public employees in one fell swoop.

Tucker began the movement when she and her fiancee ordered seafood pasta, baked chicken, green beans, salad and three gallons of gumbo from Lower Garden District restaurant The Munch Factory and delivered it to the 3rd District NOPD station and 44 cadets in training at the academy. In turn, she challenged her fellow board members and business owners to do the same, and many have stepped up to accept from judicial candidate Marissa Hutabarat and Earn Dat Body Fit Campus to direct food donations from Dooky Chase and Emeril's New Orleans. The beneficiaries of our city's great eats include the NOPD, EMS, Tulane Internal Medicine, the New Orleans Fire Department and more.

If you or your business is interested in taking the #LocalHeroesChallenge, simply place a large to-go order at your favorite restaurant and deliver it (or have it delivered) to public servants and/or hospital workers of your choosing. Share your efforts on Instagram with Iam Tucker @iamnola1 to not only give love to the restaurants you supported and the folks you've fed, but to throw out a dare to all of your followers to take the #LocalHeroesChallenge!

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