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Why We Should Teach Students Patriotism at School

00:54 January 19, 2021
By: Michael Turner

According to, patriotism is described as "devoted love, support, and defense of one's country." This definition brings into mind soldiers or people tasked with defending the country. Yet, patriotism is not just about being a soldier.

Patriotism can mean so much more and can be practiced by anyone in their own way. There seems to be a disconnect between what students think patriotism is and what it actually is. Here is why we should teach students patriotism at schools.

It will instill in them a love for their country

The basic form of patriotism is having a love for your own country. If patriotism were to be taught in schools, the students would be able to slowly develop and sense of pride for his/her country.

The students will also understand why it is important to have respect for the fundamental structures of the country. Students could even have lessons about important institutions like the government and the constitution. The goal is to make them feel that the country is worth fighting for.

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It will give them a sense of identity

Young people these days sometimes have a hard time identifying with a certain group. They might feel like loners who have no place where they belong. Teaching patriotism in schools will help students build up a sense of identity. It will help them feel like they belong in their country.

The students get the chance to understand that they have a purpose in society. It helps builds the students' character development. A sense of pride grows in them that there is nothing wrong with strongly identifying with their nationality.

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Learn to appreciate and respect their fellow citizens

Patriotism does not have to do with only loving your country. It also means loving and respecting your fellow citizens. Patriotic rituals do not matter but you cannot be patriotic if you do not stand up and help the people around you. Students should know that they can practice patriotism by being supportive of their fellow citizens.

You can cheer for athletes representing your country in international competitions or help your fellow neighbors. Students should learn that practicing patriotism is not just a grand act, but even small gestures can help.

Teaches them to become selfless and do what is best for the country

In the past few years, the terms patriotism and nationalism have been mixed up. If you are patriotic, you do not wish for the downfall of a certain section of society. Being patriotic does not mean you consider yourself superior to other people.

You instead become selfless and strive to do what is right for your fellow citizens. As students grow older, they will not do things only to benefit themselves but also the less fortunate. They will work and wish for the nation's advancement as a whole, not for just a few specific people.

Patriotism becomes more of choice and less forced upon

Some students may not have the full picture when it comes to being patriotic. As these students get older, they may not get into being patriotic as easily if they were not taught it in school. Teaching patriotism in schools will help the students see patriotism as more of choice and not something that is being forced upon them.

The things the students learn while they are young follows them when they become adults. They take what they learned about patriotism with them to the real world. They choose to become patriotic and do it properly.


Patriotism is so much more than just loving your country. There are also many more ways to be patriotic than becoming a soldier or serving the country. Just by being a good person in society, you have already become patriotic. This is why it is important to teach patriotism in schools. Students learn about what patriotism really is, and it also helps positively develop their character at a young age.

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