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Who is That Masked Man?: The Demographics of Mask Usage Among Americans

11:00 August 03, 2020
By: Caroline Hebert

Gallup News has released the results of a study of Americans' mask usage, which has been being conducted since early spring. It is no surprise that only 44 percent of Americans "always" wear a mask, and 14 percent "never" wear a mask while outside their homes.

"While majorities of women (54 percent), Democrats (61 percent), Northeasterners (54 percent), and those with annual household incomes under $36,000 (51 percent) say they always use masks outside their homes, their counterparts do so less often," the article read.

Republicans range from 18 percent of those who wear it "sometimes" to a whopping 27 percent who claim that they never wear one. In the Northeast region of the country, 54 percent "always" wear a mask, compared to the 47 percent who "always" wear a mask in the South. Education seems to have no effect on mask usage—with or without a college degree, the percentage remains between 41 and 49 percent of those who wear a mask.

It has been over three months since the CDC recommended wearing a mask in public, and almost nine out of 10 say that they have worn a mask within the past week. However, less than half of Americans are listening to health officials' instructions by covering their noses and mouths in public.

For life to move forward on a positive note, we should be wearing a mask, especially if social distancing isn't possible in certain places. Wear a mask.

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