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Which Face Mask is the Right One for You?

11:00 September 08, 2020
By: Abbey Hebert

An article from The Wall Street Journal rated face masks based on their fit, breathability, style, and material. Face masks transitioned from being a trend overseas to being essential for us to wear beyond our front doors. Since face masks are a requirement to enter any building, people have started to invest in fashionable and comfortable ones; after all, nobody wants to wear an uncomfortable mask all day. Face masks are available at just about every store, from Walmart to Target to nail salons, but let us investigate which ones are rated the most comfortable.

The highest-ranking face mask, which won Best Overall and Best Fit, is from This face mask contains five layers, a nose wire to adjust the mask to your face, and customizable ear elastics. These masks also come in bundles, ranging from a quantity of three to 100. One mask costs $18; click here to purchase.

The mask that placed runner-up in the Best Fit category can be found on These masks are unisex and come in a plethora of colors. They consist of two layers of cotton, a filter pocket, and a washable and reusable filter. In order to fit your face better, these masks also have a nose wire. Each mask costs $14. Click here to check out this face mask.

The mask rated for Best Breathability can be found on, costing $25 for a bundle of 5. This mask has two layers of fabric, a nose wire, and adjustable elastic hoops to fit around your ears. It also comes in a wide variety of colors, including classic, marine colors, bright colors, neutral colors, pink colors, and pastel colors. Click here to learn more about these masks.

The mask brand that won Best Style is by a designer from California, Clare V. These colorful and unique masks can be found on Each mask has ribbons that tie around your head, making it easily customizable to how tightly or how loosely you want your mask to fit. Each individual mask costs $19, but there is an assorted 4-pack of masks that costs $35. Go to their website to explore these fashionable statement-piece masks.

The mask that won Best Material can be found at According to their website, these masks have a "polyester-blend outer layer and a copper-lined ionized-quartz-yarn inner layer [which] offers 84.6 percent filtration," meaning that not only is this mask comfortable, but it is also effective. These masks can be found in a multitude of colors and cost $12 each. Click here to see if this mask is the right one for you.

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