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Where to Find Yoga in NOLA

21:00 February 24, 2015
By: Rachel Davis

Remember just a few weeks ago when the clocked turned to midnight on New Years Day and you had plans? You had resolutions to change your life, get in shape, eat healthy. Well, now it is the middle of February and these goals are lost in that unopened box of brand new gym shoes and hidden underneath your fast food take out bags.

Even though it may not be January 1st, you can still start making healthy choices and resolutions today. One way to do this is to find a workout routine you are excited about. While New Orleans is better known for its fried food than its innovative exercise classes, there are also many yoga studios with fresh, new classes and awesome beginner packages. Check out some of these studios below. Your resolutions will thank you.

Freret Street Yoga

4608 Freret Street, 504-899-1142

Find your balance at Freret Street Yoga. Classes here are designed to teach traditional technique and find a state of physical, mental and emotional harmony. This all-inclusive practice offers classes for all levels and interests and provides private lessons if you need help getting started or staying motivated. Beyond just regular classes, Freret Street Yoga offers Yoga Workshops and Teacher Training Sessions. Feeling nervous? Head to their website to do an online class in the comfort of your own home to prepare for a public class. There is really something for every yogi at Freret Street Yoga. Price per class is $16, and $10 with a valid student ID.

Oak Street Yoga

8338 Oak Street

Head over to Oak Street Yoga for a great variety of yoga offered seven days a week. The classes offered are Bikram Yoga classes, Hot Yoga classes, Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Pilates and Yin Yoga to work on stretching, poses and meditation. Oak Street Yoga is also a great deal for beginners trying to get a feel for the practice. Beginners can get 30 days of classes for $30. 

Swan River Yoga

2940 Canal Street, 504-301-3134

Need some variety? Swan River Yoga has a variety of yoga classes, including Acro Yoga, a combination of acrobatics and yoga. Besides yoga, there are also classes to help you truly live the yogi lifestyle. These classes involve singing, vegan cooking, scripture discussions and book groups. Swan River Yoga is much more than a practice. It is a full experience that truly teaches the yogi way of life. 

Higher Power Nola

514 City Park Avenue, 504-302-7497

Fusion food is so yesterday. The next big thing is fusion workouts, and it is here in Mid City. Head over to Higher Power Nola for a new combination of yoga that is more for the athlete instead of the strict yogi. High Power Nola combines cycling workouts and yoga workouts so you can sweat off those unwanted calories and then find your inner peace - all in one hour! Classes include cycling and yoga combination classes, cycling and conditioning classes and yoga and conditioning classes. Prices range based on packages and classes. 

Bikram Yoga New Orleans

638 Julia Street, 504-265-8441

Want a new exercise routine that works not only the body but also the mind? Then try Bikram Yoga! Bikram consists of the same sequence of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises and is usually done in a heated room, around 100 degrees. Bikram is developed from Hatha yoga, which has been practiced with proven results for 5000 years. Wear loose clothing and prepare to sweat. Beginners even receive 30 days of yoga for $25!

Wild Lotus Yoga

Uptown: 4842 Perrier Street; 504-899-0047

Downtown: 2372 Saint Claude Ave, Suite 200; 504-899-0047

Check out Wild Lotus, one of New Orleans most popular yoga studios. There are a variety of interesting classes and events that go beyond the normal selections like Prenatal Yoga and Mommy and Baby Yoga. Starting in Early March there are specialized four week courses such as Yoga for Men, The Art and Science of Meditation, and Tween Yoga. Wild Lotus Yoga is also the perfect place for beginners! New students receive 30 days of classes for $33. With two locations, one uptown and another downtown, there are great yoga options for everyone. 

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