Feb 24 2015

What's Your Price

By: Emily Hingle

Online dating can be tough, and going on dates when you find them can be challenging if neither of you can afford a fancy dinner. But one website promises to mitigate those issues and offers other lucrative incentives. Whatsyourprice.com is a date-auction site where members bid on a date with other members they would like to meet. The website recently surveyed their own data and found that New Orleans ranked third in the most generous bids with a top number of $197 for a first date. You can find the rank of the Top Ten Most Generous Cities below. 

Top 10 Most Generous Cities in America:

1. Reno, Nevada - $230
2. Charlotte, North Carolina - $208
3. New Orleans, Louisiana - $197
4. Memphis, Tennessee - $183
5. Washington, D.C. - $177
6. Dallas, Texas - $175
7. Miami, Florida - $168
8. Boston, Massachusetts - $154
9. Chicago, Illinois - $148
10. Houston, Texas - $143

The concept may seem strange, but there are over 800,000 members on the date-auction site. You can learn more about it in their promotional video. 

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