What Were New Orleans?s and Louisiana?s Top Trending Google Searches in 2017?
Dec 19 2017

What Were New Orleans's and Louisiana's Top Trending Google Searches in 2017?

By: Crystal Morgan

With technology at the tip of our hands, it’s always interesting to see what trends each new year brings in.  Google Trends collects data to show what searches are the most popular, and here are the results for what the locals in New Orleans and Louisiana have googled the most this year. They include celebrities, movies, new gadgets, and natural disasters.

20. Charlie Murphy

19. Get Out (film)

18. iPhone 8

17. It (film)

16. iPhone X

15. Black Friday

14. Mayweather vs. McGregor

13. Las Vegas Shooting

12. World Series

11. The Solar Eclipse

10. Tom Petty

9. Houston Astros

8. LSU football schedule

7. Net neutrality

6. Mardi Gras

5. Fidget Spinner

4. Super Bowl

3. Hurricane Nate

2. Hurricane Harvey

1. Hurricane Irma


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