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Weird Laws in New Orleans

05:14 June 01, 2015
By: Chris Plattsmier

We always try to have your back here at Where Y'at, so here is a list of laws in Louisiana and Orleans Parish that you probably didn't know about that you may have been in danger of breaking.

1) It is illegal to shoot lasers at police officers (RS 14:37.3)

Tell your teenage son or daughter if they are messing with a cop, do not do it with a laser pointer. Or tell them not to mess with cops in general, but who am I to tell you how to parent your children?

2) You could go to jail for 20 years for urinating in a city's water supply (RS 14:58 58)

We have all been walking back from a bar or parade and had to take care of buisness. It is illegal to pee in public anyways, but especially make sure you are not doing it in the city's water supply. I don't even know where New Orleans' water supply is, but you can end up in some strange places past 2 AM if you don't watch it.

3) Rituals that involve the ingestion of blood, urine or fecal matter are illegal (RS 14:107.1)

It says a lot that lawmakers found this issue critical enough to make a law. No judgements passed here but if you break this law, you have bigger issues than just performing the act itself.

4) It is illegal to steer your bike with one hand in New Orleans ( New Orleans Sec. 154-1414)

There will be some unhappy hipsters upon finding this out.

5) No games allowed at Lafayette Square without permission from parkway and park comission (New Orleans Sec. 106-170)

No tomfoolery either. That is why we can't have nice things.

6) Reptiles are not allowed within 200 yards of a parade (New Orleans Sec. 43-21)

Damn, what am I going to do with my boa constrictor during Mardi Gras next year...

7) Condoms are not allowed to be thrown in Mardi Gras parades (New Orleans Sec. 34-28)

There is actually a fairly extensive list of throws that are prohibited during Mardi Gras, but condoms would be doing the public a service I feel like. Plus, easy balloon animals for kids!

8) Voodoo practice is illegal in city limits (New Orleans Sec. 54-312)

C'mon, everyone in New Orleans practices voodoo! Just like everyone in Louisiana has a pet alligator (see below). This is a first ammendment issue if you ask me...

9) You cannot steal someone elses alligator (RS 14:67.13)

This includes alligators that are dead or alive, or just parts of an alligator that are not yours. This was probably in reaction to all the alligators that were being stolen after the Saints won the Super Bowl.

10) All garbage must be cooked before it is fed to your hogs (Jefferson Parish Sec. 7-187)

Hogs have rights too.

I hope this list helps all of us become better citizens and better New Orleanians. You're Welcome.

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