Wedding Embellishments

22:00 September 16, 2015
By: Vanessa Van Vrancken

New Orleans is known the world over for incredible foods, fantastic drinks, and spectacular music. Your guests will expect these things to be present at your reception, and, truthfully, this is all you need for an outstanding event. However, if you want to add a little something extra, you can’t go wrong with some of these unique additions.

1)   A live event painter at your wedding reception is something that will not only make your event unique, but it will result in a one of a kind piece of artwork that you will be able to cherish forever. Plus, in a city known for art and creativity, it brings another bit of New Orleans into your reception.

2)   Second lines and New Orleans parties go hand in hand, so why not get a brass band to liven up your event. A D.J. can keep people on the dance floor all night long, but a second line band and maybe even a few Mardi Gras Indians or Zulu Tramps will really up the music factor, and is truly unique to our wonderful city.

3)   Photo booths have been popular for a while, and they are still a crowd pleaser. However, you can take the next step and let your guests create a photo flip book. In a way more advanced version of your stick figure flip book from grade school, this will capture your guests hijinks in a way that everyone will enjoy making and then reliving.

4)   There is an app for that. Let your guests join in on the photo fun by using one of the many popular photo sharing apps. All of the photos, and random selfies, taken through the app will be compiled in one place for the bride and groom to enjoy. Some apps even have a live streaming feature that will allow you to show the photos right after they are taken. The live stream will require projection equipment, as will our next enhancement.

5)   A slide show, via projection equipment, is another great way to incorporate pictures into your event while giving your guests a glimpse into your past. As an added bonus, in the digital age, you are even able to quickly add recent photos to your slide show from the rehearsal dinner or other events that take place right before your wedding day.

6)   Fireworks will make sure that you go out with a bang, literally. They can add a wow factor to any event and make for some nice pictures. Be sure you either use a company that does everything for you or that you have all of the proper permitting, as a fire marshal may need to be present and getting in trouble with the law on your wedding night would not be advisable.

7)   Cultural dances and or dancers are always a good way to showcase your heritage at what is ultimately a giant family reunion. An Italian Tarantella, Jewish Hora, Vietnamese dragon dance, or some samba dancers will display your customs for all to enjoy. Traditional dances pay homage to your ancestors, enlighten the next generation, and can combine your two families in a special way.

Foods, drinks, and music are necessities for your reception, but including one or two special things for some extra guest participation can make your event the once in a lifetime experience that you, and your guests, will remember forever.

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