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Wear Your NOLA: Five Local T-Shirt Shops With New Orleans Flair

15:00 December 03, 2020
By: Abbey Hebert

If there's one thing New Orleanians like to do, it's wear New Orleans apparel to showcase their pride for their beloved city. Check out these local t-shirt shops to find some innovative New Orleans-themed apparel, which you can either wear yourself or gift to a family member or friend for Christmas.

Dirty Coast

As written on their website, Dirty Coast was created in 2004 to "up the ante on what was passing for local apparel." Then, following Hurricane Katrina, the creators of Dirty Coast wanted to re-instill a sense of pride and fun into New Orleanians who had just experienced tragedy. They have a wide variety of shirts, such as the Hubig's Savory Simon shirt, the Christmas-themed "Happy Almost Mardi Gras" shirt, the "If You Can Read This, You Are A Local" shirt, and much more. Click here to view the entire shirt collection offered, and show your New Orleans pride by sporting one of these imaginative shirt designs. Multiple Locations,

NOLA T-Shirt of the Month Club

NOLA T-Shirt of the Month Club was started by John and Jackie Abston on a whim when John suggested starting a t-shirt business. And so they purchased a screen-printing starter kit and found refuge in how-to YouTube videos. In March 2018, they moved into their first side-street location and still do all of the work themselves. Subscribers to the NOLA T-Shirt of the Month Club pay only $15 a month plus shipping for creative and NOLA-based shirts delivered straight to the house. Click here to peruse all the past t-shirts, and click here to sign up. 3013 Magazine St.,

NOLA Republic

NOLA Republic offers numerous collections, such as hats, black and gold, NOLA neighborhoods, Mardi Gras, masks, hoodies and sweatshirts, and much more. The black and gold collection focuses on the Saints, of course, such as the Dat Defense shirt, the "As Long As The Falcons Lose" shirt, the MIKE FLEX shirt. Whatever style or theme of t-shirt you want, NOLA Republic has it. Click here to search through the rest of the collections to find a shirt you will love.


Heartsleeve is a New Orleans-based design and print studio that "creates to share, for community, and from the heart." Similarly to the creators of the NOLA T-Shirt of the Month Club, they screen-print their t-shirts by hand. Heartsleeve offers clothing not only for women and men, but also for children and babies. Check out this Crawfish Bayou onesie or this children's po-boy shirt. A customer favorite from Heartsleeve is the Home Door shirt, which displays a classic and special front door that many New Orleanians have at home. Click here to look through all the shirts offered, and find one either for yourself or for a member in your family. 1114 Josephine St., (504) 684-4283,

Fleurty Girl

Fleurty Girl is a beloved New Orleans brand that sells New Orleans-centric t-shirts, as well as New Orleans everything else, ranging from footwear to books to home décor. Fleurty Girl offers a variety of shirts, including maternity, men's, women's, unisex, tween, long-sleeved, V-necks, and children's. Check out this Parade Squad tee with Mardi Gras colors, this Saints jersey maternity tee, and this Mardi Gras-colored sparkle sweater. Fleurty Girl won't disappoint you. Click here to view the rest of their tees. Multiple Locations,

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