Ways to savor a Coup de Grâce, and other drinks, from Apolline

00:00 November 01, 2013
By: 2Fik
[Courtesy of Anne Berry]
The Coup de Grâce

A sailor walks up to Apolline's bar, looking to provision his crew for a regatta. No problem for bartender Mark Schettler, who batches a dozen Sailors Take Warning cocktails (black rum, darkly ginger Snap, brown sugar) and adds a bundle of lime wheels to go.

While you'll mostly enjoy Mark's drinks at the bar or in the dining room, here are a few occasions where you might similarly make your drinks portable, based on Mark's adventurous new list:

Football tailgate. The Coup de Grâce opens up as it sits, so the smoked orange juice will bloom on the nose while you're watching the Saints or Tigers battle on. Likewise, this is an aggressive drink - the juice is anchored by bold Batavia arrack (a spirit made from sugar and red rice) and bittersweet vermouth, rounded by the Bitter Truth's E**X**R, a lush, woody liqueur.

Jury duty? Stay awake On the Courthouse Lawn, an appealing blend of applejack brandy, peach juice, and cold brew coffee (featuring grounds from micro-roaster French Truck).

Picnic. Fresh-muddled green apples lend themselves to fall picnics; in Little Victories, Mark blends their juices with tequila and his own coconut-almond tea syrup.

Marriage proposal. Many drinks lists include a baller cocktail, an extravagance based on top-shelf ingredients and a bit of swagger, and made for a very special night. Here, that's The V.C.C., showcasing a rare cognac made entirely from Grand Champagne grapes, and joined in holy matrimony by a small-batch rye and sweet vermouth.

Moving day. If you need a nip to get you through, consider the One Way Ticket - aged rum, Mark's limoncello, sherry and allspice dram.

Southern Decadence. It's a year away, but the Tin Man's Axe (gin, wormwood-infused and pine liqueurs) would bring a botanical beauty to Bourbon Street.

Apolline, 4729 Magazine, 894.8869. With its muddled espresso beans and Champagne, The Obelisk cocktail doesn't lend itself to travel, so do take this spiced, lively and rum-based sipper - also new on the list - at the bar.

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