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Walk for Justice: Equity Walk to Take Place Thursday, June 18

14:05 June 17, 2020
By: Sofia Gomez Alonso

In a letter, Michael McKenzie, the CEO of Einstein Charter Schools, invites his readers to support the upcoming Equity Walk on Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 10:30 a.m., which will depart from Sarah T. Reed High School and arrive at the old Six Flags Park in New Orleans East. The Equity Walk is meant to foster equity and justice for black communities and communities of color by raising awareness and advocating for the transformation of the dilapidated Six Flags in the East of New Orleans, into biking, walking, and running trails and an arboretum. In addition to the walk, donations and contributions are welcome through CashApp to $GiveEinstein, and Mr. McKenzie also encourages his readers to sign a petition, supporting the proposed renovation, at www.change.org/TransformOldNewOrleansSixFlagsNow.

In New Orleans East, the majority of residents come from African American, Vietnamese, or Latino backgrounds, and the deteriorated state of the abandoned park highlights disparities in equity and accessibility.

In his letter, Michael McKenzie expressed the urgency to support projects like this one, saying that "no amount of education, civility, or respectability politics" will guarantee equity or justice to black communities. Mr. McKenzie also reflected upon the fact that America is struggling with morality in relation to equity and justice and called for the commitment of New Orleans citizens to this project, as it will aid the fight for what is right and will sow the seeds of justice for future generations in the East of New Orleans.

Photo by Life Matters from Pexels.

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