Vox and the Hound- Courage

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: Emily Hingle

Vox and the Hound


Self-released The sophomore release from indie rock locals Vox and the Hound shows off the growing band’s best attributes. Their rich sound and effortless playing style engrosses the listener with each note. I was surprised that the opening song was named after an actress; I do love comedic actress Madeline Kahn. “Sandcastles” is possibly the richest-sounding song, with loads of instruments playing simultaneously, but it doesn’t sound muddled for even a second. Each instrument is clear and works well in the fabric of the song. Leo DeJesus’ vocals fl oat sweetly over the instruments. “Red Clay” has a nostalgic sheen to it, as the organ by D-Ray provides a 1960s-style fl oor on which the guitar by DeJesus and Rory Callais can play a classic riff. The music fades into an atmospheric bridge with faraway chants and dramatic spaghetti-Western wails. The song crescendos, then halts and fades out with a few lonely guitar notes. “Fake It” is a fun song that some may enjoy as a sing-along. A vocal harmony is the main focus of the music, with a light, bouncy guitar and a fun mouth harp; this song could have been recorded on somebody’s porch as friends came together for a jam session. The music on the album can easily be listened to at low volume for the perfect backdrop to a drive around town or a small get-together with friends, or blasted loud to provide fodder for dancing. Courage features great musicianship from each band member. The album has all-around great quality, performance and production.

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