Voodoo Music + Art Experience 2013 Previews

00:00 October 14, 2013
By: 2Fik
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Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails
Hello Negro

11/1/13, 11:20am, Le Plur Stage

Hello Negro is a New Orleans native who trained in jazz performance by the greats at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. He went on to become the CEO of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra and has since decided to take his love of the improvised style, applying it to a new genre: electronic music. Now Hello Negro is taking the dance and EDM world by storm, incorporating those improvisations he's mastered through jazz. The show is sure to be its own experience. —Briana Prevost

Andrew Duhon

11/1/13, 12:00pm, Ritual Stage

Andrew Duhon discovered his love for guitar when he was in high school after a sports injury led the singer/songwriter to pick out his first tunes. Growing up in Metairie, he was influenced by New Orleans music along with an array of blues and folk tunes that simply hit a note inside the passionate player. Pre-Katrina, the artist moved himself into the French Quarter to lap up all the culture the city had to offer, instilling within him the large amount of soul that comes from being in the heart of the city. It is with this soul and this heartbeat, that Duhon has gained popularity in the singer/songwriter circuit as well as around the globe. He came out with his first solo recordings in 2009 with the release of Songs I Wrote Before I Knew You. For his next release in 2010, Duhon put together a band called Lonesome Crows to record a set of compositions that were released on the album Dreaming When You Leave. However, it was not until he made a trip to Scotland, playing shows around the country, that he picked up on the haunting, emotional melodies of the beautiful Scottish culture which inspired his latest album and signature poetic sound. The Moorings was inspired by a fiddle player in Glasgow, Scotland, who played a variety of English and Scottish folk tunes that radiated inside Duhon spurred his own unique brand of songs. His voice rings with a stern realness and a drive that compliments his gentle melodies and well-written lyrics, decorated by the colors of his acoustic guitar along with his harmonica. He has been touring incessantly in 2013, while also makes regular appearances in the city he calls home. —Chris DiBenedetto

Flow Tribe

11/1/13, 1:30pm, Flambeau Stage

For nearly a decade, Flow Tribe has brought the funk like few other funk groups of this generation have. By this point, they've shared the stage with many of the local funky bigwigs you can think of, and at Voodoo Music Experience this year, they'll share the spotlight with that many more. If you didn't have the chance to catch their last performance at Voodoo, you need to make a special trip this year. If dancing is your thing, then Flow Tribe are the ones to turn to for what they call "backbone-crackin'" funk. While they bring their best effort to every show, their set at Voodoo is destined to be a particularly special event with a huge crowd of fans to sing, dance and cheer them on. Flow Tribe is a six-piece spicy meal with a buttery, funky biscuit that all hail from New Orleans bringing a special vibe to their music as professionals in the scene together for the past nine years. While their live performances are where you'll catch them at their best, Flow Tribe also has a slew of recordings that capture the essence of what these guys are all about. Check out their latest effort Painkiller (2013) for which they just toured the East Coast and Chicago, and other releases like the live album Now Ya Know (2012), Sloppy Seconds, (2009) and Pregnant With a Baby Called Funk (2008). This will be the dance party you wished you hadn't miss, so be sure to check it out. —Carolyn Heneghan

Youngblood Hawke

11/1/13, 3:45pm, Carnival Stage

Fresh on the scene, this quintet from Los Angeles formed in 2011 after founding members Simon Katz and Sam Martin left the band Iglu & Hartly after a hiatus. Taking their music in a different direction, Katz and Martin recruited friends Tasso Smith, Alice Katz, and Nik Hughes to round out Youngblood Hawke; a name is derived from a novel written by Herman Wouk. With their newly-cemented indie pop/rock sound in tow, the band immediately started touring around the L.A. area and caught the attention of Universal Republic Records who released their self-titled album in 2012.

—Briana Prevost

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

11/1/13, 6:15pm, Ritual Stage

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band has been a local icon and institution in the jazz industry for more than fifty years. The group has included such legendary performers as Sweet Emma Barrett, George Lewis, Dr. Michael White, Kid Thomas, Lucien Barbarin, and Walter Payton among many others. While their members have grown and changed over the years, the essence and goal of the group remains the same: dedication to the aptly-named preservation of original New Orleans jazz. After releasing a slew of albums throughout the band's career, their latest is a collection of all Preservation originals composed over the past fifty years, such as "Come with Me," "Sugar Plum," "Rattlin' Bones" and "The Darker It Gets." They are advocates for the genre throughout the world and tour frequently promoting the music of the band and New Orleans in general. While they'll be on tour leading up to Voodoo, they're making a special stop back home to participate in this huge celebration of national and local music, as they have in several years past. Creative director of the group and Preservation Hall's Ben Jaffe plays sousaphone and bass, and tenor saxophonist and vocalist Clint Maedgen, no stranger to either the traditions or quirks of the New Orleans music scene, contributes his own talents to the group. Ronell Johnson (trombone) and Mark Braud (trumpet) round out the younger generation of players in the group, who introduce a fresh take on traditional jazz to the band's long and treasured history. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band never misses a beat and always delivers a fantastic show, so don't miss them at this year's Voodoo Fest. —Carolyn Heneghan


11/1/13, 6:45pm, Carnival Stage

If you were ever part of the "emo" era, you probably listened to the yearning melodic stories of late nineties indie rock God, Connor Oberst. Though the Desaparecidos were formed in 2001, they temporarily disbanded in 2002 because of Oberst's success in his other band, Bright Eyes. Later that year, Bright Eyes earned the fourth spot on Rolling Stone's Best Albums of 2002 list for Lifted or The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground, and today the record is still a classic in the hearts of many. In 2007, Bright Eyes released their most recent album, and in 2012 Oberst rejoined the Desaparecidos (Landon Hedges on bass guitar, Matt Baum on drums, Denver Dalley on guitar and Ian McElroy on keyboards). The band released their album Read Music/Speak Spanish the same year. The term "desaparecido" literally means "disappeared ones" in Spanish and Portuguese and is a reference to the people who were arrested by various South American military governments and then vanished without a trace. A sociopolitical commentary out of Omaha, Nebraska, the Desaparecidos re-examine the post-hardcore sound popular in right around the time Bright Eyes was hitting a solid stride. Their record label (founded by Oberst's brother) has produced albums for Bright Eyes, The Faint, Rilo Kiley, and Cursive, helping to cultivate much of the indie scene Midwest. In 2013, the band also released two tracks for streaming via Rolling Stone: "Anonymous" and "The Left is Right," the latter which supports the Occupy movement. Their performance at Voodoo should be as fully loaded as any of Oberst's older poetic confessions, but with the loud energy and deep urgency of a man with a message. —Lauren Adam

Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis

11/1/13, 7:15pm, Ritual Stage

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have been making quite the statement in popular culture. The success of their single "Thrift Shop," topped the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks giving rise to what Rolling Stone Magazine has called an "indie rags to riches story." Since, the duo's politically-loaded music has been transgressing boundaries of class, race, and sexuality, all while helping make the Seattle Mariners cool again.

Macklemore was raised in a vibrant underground hip hop scene alongside artists like Blue Scholars and Common Market—both of which have made music that tackles socioeconomic disparity, challenges authority, and empowers youth. Seattle hip-hop has come a long way since the 80's when Sir-Mix-A-Lot released "Posse on Broadway," later winning a Grammy for "Baby Got Back." Jazz stylings similar to the sax on "Thrift Shop" are also being used more by underground artists like Seattle's Grynch.

Influenced by artists like Talib Kweli and Wu-Tang Clan, Macklemore began writing music at fourteen. In 2005 he released The Language of My World and Unplanned Mixtape in 2009. The album included his first collaboration with Ryan Lewis in addition to featuring Seattle indie rap artists like Geologic of the Blue Scholars and Illmaculate. Together, Ryan Lewis and Macklemore released the VS Redux EP in 2010 and have been working together ever since.

Two years later the duo released The Heist. Debuting at #2 on the US Billboard 200, The Hiest sold over 78,000 copies in its first week. The album talks about Macklemore's recovery from addiction in "Starting Over," commemorates late sports announcer Dave Neihaus in "My Oh My," touches on consumerist culture in "Wing$," and addresses homophobia in hip-hop culture through "Same Love."

"Same Love" especially has been drumming up a lot of recognition. Following the song's release in July 2012, the gay rights movement has seen several victories including the overturning of The Defense of Marriage Act and the legalization of gay marriage in numerous states. Unlike many popular singles gracing the hip-hop charts, "Same Love" aims to start a relevant conversation. "I think that looking at the hip-hop community, and holding myself accountable, was what I cared about. That's my community; that's who I see to be oppressing gay people...Homophobia is still rampant in the hip-hop community and it just gets the co-sign," Macklemore told Huffington Post in a July interview.

Though Macklemore has been chastised for his privilege as a straight white man, he has continued to connect privilege with responsibility. In an interview with XXL Magazine, Macklemore stated, "As a white male who happens to be an artist with a fan base, I have a platform to spread awareness about that privilege. However, songs about race and privilege are very difficult to A) write and B) dissect as a listener. They're heavy." Despite the "heaviness" of The Heist's content, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have continued to grow their already impressive fan base. With access to a platform that has the capability to change hip-hop as we know it, their performance at Voodoo Fest will be nothing short of history in the making.—Lauren Adam

Calvin Harris

11/1/13, 7:30, Le Plur Stage

Calvin Harris, or Scottish DJ, singer, songwriter and producer Adam Richard Wiles, has blown up on the global electronic scene over the past few years. From his third studio album 18 Months (2012) his single "I Need Your Love" featuring Ellie Goulding has been a smashing success. It reached the #1 spot on Billboard's Dance Club Songs and #3 on Billboard's Dance/Electronic Songs charts, plus a slew of other high ratings from music charts all over the world. When the song reached #4 on the UK Singles Chart, Harris became UK chart history's first artist to have eight top ten hits from one studio album. Harris also recently topped Forbes's list of Highest Paid DJs in the World, earning $46 million over the past year. Harris delivered a stellar performance to a crowd of thousands at this year's Buku Fest, and he's highly likely to draw the same crowd in huge numbers to his Voodoo performance. He'll perform several of his chart-topping singles from 18 Months, including "Bounce," "Feels So Close," "Sweet Nothing," "Thinking About You" and "We'll Be Coming Back," among others, plus more tracks from his first two studio albums I Created Disco (2007) and Ready for the Weekend (2009). Whenever Harris performs, he brings an impressive level of energy that the crowd can't resist, and his sets are always packed with high-flying tracks weaved one into the other. The slow-downs come up at all the right times, followed by the huge drops and classic hard-hitting rhythms of house and synthpop. He's one of the biggest acts to play at Voodoo this year and one not to be missed. —Carolyn Heneghan

Royal Teeth

11/1/13, 7:30pm, Flambeau Stage

Although few can claim the status of "overnight success," the Louisiana-brewed band Royal Teeth has achieved that status. The pop-rock group with roots in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans is set to take on a second year at the Voodoo Experience.

Royal Teeth signed with Dangerbird Records back in May 2012. Since then they have ventured around the country on several tours and completed the debut album Glow; it was released on August 13th, 2013. "The lyrics are about from being from southern Louisiana and just loving this city, New Orleans or Lafayette or where ever," Nora Patterson, vocalist for Royal Teeth, said when discussing the track "Mais La" from the new album.

The connection to south Louisiana is what gained Royal Teeth attention from the California-based indie label Dangerbird Records. "I love New Orleans. My wife Jo Ann Thrailkill is from there, and we spend a lot of time in the city. For years, I've wanted to sign a band from New Orleans—to raise the Dangerbird flag there, to show our solidarity with the city," CEO and Founder of Dangerbird Jeff Castalez said. "On Halloween night, we got invited to see this band Royal Teeth at a little venue just outside the French Quarter. As soon as they hit the stage I got that special feeling inside, and I knew they were the band that would allow us to put our stamp on the city's musical lineage."

That moment in time was something each of the members of Royal Teeth recall with enthusiasm. "I think a lot of songs on the record are about capturing the moment, whether it's a night out on the town or a moment with a particular person, or escaping to somewhere new," Gary Larsen, vocalist for Royal Teeth, said when discussing the new album. "You're basically living in the moment."

No doubt those moments will come to life on the Voodoo stage and hopefully it will garner some inspiration for the band's next project. —Samantha Morgan


11/1/13, 8:15pm, Carnival Stage

With a mouthful of a name and a hefty display of grainy 8-bit cartoon characters, Anamanaguchi brings their LED-infused light show to Voodoo Fest. Touted as the little-band-that-could, Anamanaguchi lead a mega-successful Kickstarter campaign. The campaign raised $50,000 for their new album including marketing, distribution, and shooting new music videos, eventually raising more than $250,000 to release their latest album Endless Fantasy. With their unconventional 22-song roster, Fantasy is 90's nostalgia in the best kind of way, so audiences won't mind the flashback. Mostly instrumental, Anamanaguchi's sound derives from old Gameboy and Nintendo systems' sound effects. So for gamers or fans of the earliest kind of electronic dance music in the form of "chiptune," Anamanaguchi brings the game back to the video for old time's sake. —Briana Prevost

Pearl Jam

11/1/13, 9:00pm, Ritual Stage

Boldly known as one of the biggest groups to conquer the decade of the nineties, the grunge rock visionaries in Pearl Jam took the world by storm in 1991 with their debut album Ten. Merely a year prior the group, still nameless and only locally based in Seattle, had issued out a demo tape in search of a singer. They later found themselves in the hands of Eddie Vedder all the way in San Diego, California. After recording the vocals to what would become "Alive," "Once," and "Footsteps," Vedder heard back from the group who immediately convinced him to move up to Seattle to join their permanent lineup. A year later, rock history was made and grunge music was elevated beyond imagination, reaching audiences around the globe.

Though the ten-track album was slow to sell in its initial year, by 1992 Pearl Jam was one of the biggest groups in the nation producing hits like "Even Flow" and "Jeremy" (also from the album). They created a tone that defied categorization; something that was ethereal, yet gripping and powerful. Ripping guitar solos flourished alongside Vedder's intense vocal work the result was near psychedelic impact from the rest of the group. Still, Pearl Jam has a soft side in which beautiful melodic vocal lines are accentuated by the soft strumming of an acoustic guitar. This aspect reveals a simplicity that truly displays the versatile knack the five members had for quality, innovative songwriting. They were and are not afraid to test their boundaries which make the group largely what they've become.

However, not only did the band define a new style musically, but through their lyrics, Pearl Jam addressed issues often of a dark nature that had yet to be revealed in society at that time. The group was tight, energetic, and ready to play. Their next album Vs. was recorded in 1993 and it was an even larger commercial success. However, instead of reveling in admiration, the band, known for their love of live performance, set a cap on ticket prices for their upcoming tour. The goal was to thwart ticket scalpers, but eventually led them to valiantly take on ticket giant, Ticketmaster, to no avail. The release of the 1994 album Vitalogy included famed song "Better Man" and many tunes based on the pressures of fame such as "Spin the Black Circle" which won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance in 1996.

Although the grunge scene that allowed Pearl Jam so much success diminished, the group still plays with the same veracity and stamina as they did in their beginning years.

Throughout their long and successful career they have continued to record cherished songs that define a generation, an attitude, and a legacy that will influence new music for decades to come. Pearl Jam has always been known for their energetic and evolving live performances. Now, over twenty years after they shocked the world with Ten, the band still plays passionately to the fans they adore. -Chris DiBenedetto

New Found Glory

11/2/13, 5:15pm, Carnival Stage

"Nothing Gold Can Stay" is a poem by Robert Frost that was published in the Yale Review in 1923. It was referenced in the Young Adult cult classic by S.E. Hinton The Outsiders in 1967, and in 1999 it was the album that would give New Found Glory (NFG) their big break into the punk/pop/ska. Right alongside Blink182, Green Day, Sum41, NOFX, Good Charlotte, Hellogoodbye, and Simple Plan, NFG is responsible for majorly nostalgic hits like "Hit or Miss," "Boy Crazy," "My Friend's Over You," and one of my personal favorites "Understatement." While sk8er girls everywhere swooned, NFG's self-titled album of 2000 managed to spend twenty-one weeks on Billboard Top 200. It was certified gold by the RIAA for sales in excess of 500,000 units.

Navigating the scene for nearly fifteen years now, NFG is out to prove that punk music isn't dead. Since the major success of their third studio album Sticks and Stones, NFG has recorded four studio albums. They have also notably been featured on Punk Goes Cunk, covering "Tennessee" by Arrested Development. In 2011, the band headlined the Slam Dunk Festival with Against Me! and RX Bandits, later participating in Austrailia's mega music destination the Soundwave Festival and paying tribute to The Ramones at the Bamboozle Festival which included names like Wiz Khalifia, Bruno Mars, Mőtely Crūe, and Boys II Men.

In order to celebrate their journey through punk rock, NFG announced the Sticks and Stones 10 Year Anniversary Tour with Cartel commemorating the release of their most popular album to date. In addition, they will release their newest record Kill it Live this month. Still want more NFG? No fear. The beloved band mates are rumored to be releasing a Christmas album come the holiday season. Disco might be dead, but punk rock is not. —Lauren Adam

Ruby Amanfu

11/2/13, 7:15pm, Flambeau Stage

There is so much beauty in simplicity. As is the case with singer and songwriter Ruby Amanfu; her voice and melodies lie deep within this category as her authentic style comes across as an honest ode to truth in all its forms and flavors. Consistently performing with a smile on her face, her pure love of music is reflected in every syllable she sings and every chord she strums. Born in Accra, Ghana, her father moved her musical family of five to Nashville when Ruby was only three years old. It was here that the lovely artist honed her singer/songwriter skills, not only working on her own solo material but also collaborating with a variety of other talented musicians in the city. Her career began early. When she was just fifteen years old, she became the youngest member of The Nashville Symphony Chorus. During her high school years she also recorded her debut solo album So Now the Whole World Knows, which she continued to promote in college—first at Berklee College of Music in Boston and later at Belmont University in Nashville. Besides writing songs for the likes of artists such as Kelly Clarkson, her own solo EP The Simple Sessions was released in January of 2012. On the same day she also released a collaboration with artist Jack White on his hit single "Love Interruption. " Other duets include her famed works with writer Sam Brooker in the project they now called Sam & Ruby. Their first LP The Here and The Now was released in 2009. Today, Ruby Amanfu continues to write and collaborate with many respected artists, writers, and producers. Her solo works include an immersion of style, experience, and authenticity as her career continues to flourish. —Chris DiBenedetto

The Olms

11/2/13, 8:15pm, Carnival Stage

Inspired by the partnership of singer-songwriter duo Pete Yorn and J.D. King, in recent years The Olms have come out with a variety of song structures that utilize a wealth of instrumentation. Drawing from the unique perspective of both artists' lasting careers, the two met when King was only twenty-one years old around seven years ago. Yorn acquired much respect from his own solo albums and musicforthemorningafter which came out in 2001. After his 2003 release Day I Forgot, has said that the partnership came naturally with King and the friendship almost instantly. J.D. King, who broke out with his own solo album Here's J.D. King in 2008 was invited to tour with Yorn; they also started hanging out at King's Los Angeles home while he was in the process of building his own home recording studio.With a vast amount of influences from British pop rock to country rock and blues, the duo carved out their own niche with their debut release that was highly influenced by the vintage aura of the space King created. Their first attempt at writing together was the final album cut of "Twice as Nice," and before either could blink an eye they had the makings of a full length record. They signed to Harvest Records and their self-titled debut album was released in 2013 with much success to follow. The tape recordings give off a certain warmth compared to the digital recordings of today and the fun, relaxed flair of the compositions can be drawn from every tune. The vintage sound is accompanied with contemporary, relatable lyrics that also draw from the folk presence that is so valued in the modern age. Still, what truly makes this act so prominent is the fact that the songwriting came naturally. Both Yorn and King are songwriters who could act like no one else but themselves and thus have created a compilation of styles that reflect this art. They tamper with different percussive elements, keyboards, synthesizers, guitar work and seasoned vocal harmonies that branch itself out from any contemporary genre. —Chris DiBenedetto


11/2/13, 8:45pm, Le Plur Stage

Nick van de Wall, known far and wide by the name Afrojack, has become the quintessential Dutch DJ in the span of less than two years. At the tender age of 25 and very much in demand, this young man is currently ranked at Number 9 on theDJ MagTop 100 DJ's of 2012.Starting off in his hometown of Spijkenisse in the Netherlands, Afrojack, quickly made a name for himself in the underground Dutch House scene with underground releases before releasing "Take Over Control" in 2011, which became an instant club and chart hit, garnering him overseas appeal and platinum status in the USA. Since then, Afrojack has been steadily working to be one of electronic dance music's major icons, growing to become a multi-award winning, platinum-selling producer. His skills are some of the most sought after in the world with crossover appeal proven through his work with artists such as Beyoncé, Pit Bull, Ne-Yo, and Leona Lewis.

His co-production work has won him Grammy Awards for Best Remix for Madonna's "Revolver" in 2011 and Best Rap/Hip Hop Track for Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now.

In 2012, he began his North American "Jacked" tour with multiple sold out shows featuring a growing posse of artists on his own label Wall Records. With a grueling road schedule, sometimes seven shows a week and crowds as large as 300,000 people, rest assured Afrojack will be at Voodoo Fest ready to rock Marconi Meadows. A show like few have experienced before, Afrojack is sure to deliver electro dance hits and signature jacked up remixes. —Craig Magraff, Jr.

Nine Inch Nails

11/2/13, 9:45pm, Ritual Stage

If one band could serve as the guardian of Voodoo Fest, it should be Nine Inch Nails. In fact, the efforts made by Trent Reznor are greatly responsible for the festival's continued success following Hurricane Katrina. "It was Trent who was the real rock star," Stephen Rehage, CEO and founder of the Voodoo Experience, said in a past interview with Where Y'at Magazine. "He stayed by our side. I don't think Voodoo would be around today unless it was for him. People thought I was out of my mind to continue with the festival that year," he continued. "They said, 'How are you going to do a free music festival?' Trent said he would be there and then he gave me his rolodex and spent time on the phone getting people to play."

In less than sixty days, the coordinators of the Voodoo Experience pulled off the impossible, which generated buzz that propelled the event to the national spotlight. "It does seem like [the media] increased interest in not only the festival, but also because they've put together the parallel of the festival's struggles with Hurricane Katrina and the entire region," Rehage noted. Nine Inch Nails returned as headliners in 2008. The flawless performance was part of an epic lineup that included R.E.M., Stone Temple Pilots, The Mars Volta, Ghostland Observatory, Lil Wayne, TV on the Radio, and so many more.

"Best Voodoo I've ever been to," one fan among dozens wrote on the Voodoo Experience Facebook page in reference to their Flashback Friday post about the 2008 performance. Unfortunately, The Voodoo Experience has received some negative feedback in recent years regarding the reduction in bands and what's perceived by some as lackluster lineups. No doubt many were enthused to see Nine Inch Nails back on the roster, and rightfully so. "Thank you," Eric Pauli wrote in response to Reznor's post announcing the band's performance at Voodoo. "Your last show at Voodoo Festival was nothing short of amazing."

Reznor has described the band's new tour as being "directly inspired by the 1983 Talking Heads tour." The elaborate set designs compliment with contrast the new album Hesitation Marks, which he has described in several interviews as being "sparse and minimal." That description, however, is not meant to inspire thoughts of bland harmonies best suited as an underlying soundtrack for coffee shop banter. No; this album, which was released on September 3rd, has a bite to it."I don't think it's a gentle record," Reznor said in an Interview with Rolling Stone Magazine back in July. "It's not about everything being at 11 and the pyrotechnics of sound and scare tactics, which I've definitely used in the past. But it doesn't feel like the middle-aged, I've-given-up record either."

In a way, Reznor's words about his new album feel a bit like where we sit with the Voodoo Experience. Now in itsfifteenth year, Voodoo has seen its fair share of highs and lows, but it has not given up. —Kaiya Morrison


11/3/13, 2:00pm, Ritual Stage

Following in the footsteps of Oakland hip-hop legends like Digital Underground, Mac Dre, MC Hammer, Luniz, Tupac, Too $hort, and Hyrogliphics, raps newest OG out of the Bay Area is Gerald Earl Gillum, better known as G-Eazy. The Loyola University graduate began producing music on MySpace with the Bay Boyz and later went solo releasing the tracks "Waspy" and "Candy Girl."

With the help of the rich New Orleans music scene and his 50's and 60's inspired take on hip-hop, G-Eazy continued to combine his studies and music. In 2009, G-Eazy won the NAACP Best Music on Campus Woodie and, before long, was given the opportunity to open for Drake's Club Paradise Tour. Since his big break, he has opened for A$AP Rocky, supported Lil Wayne and Mystikal at SXSW, additionally touring with Van's Warped Tour in late 2012.

Late last year, the swoon-worthy greased up gangster hit the road with "#whitegirlproblem's" Hoodie Allen on the Excellent Adventure Tour, and announced his own headlining Must Be Nice Tour, which went down at the beginning of 2013. Unlike his first mixtape, The Endless Summer, which samples tracks like US #1 hit "Run Around Sue" (the mix boasts over 2 million views on YouTube), Must Be Nice proved G-Eazy's growth as an artist. Reaching #3 on iTunes hip-hop charts; the album was released at House of Blues in New Orleans last September.

Most recently, G-Eazy opened for America's Most Wanted Tour which featured T.I., 2 Chainz, and New Orleans' own Lil Wayne. And as if that wasn't enough, in the meantime G spent his free time headlining his own shows across the country. He also managed to swing by and perform a set at the Krewella music festival in Idaho. Plus, not only has G-Eazy's swag been a hit with the ladies, but he continues to be turnt up with tracks like "Lady Killer" feat. Hoodie Allen, the album's title track "Must Be Nice" and "I Don't Believe You."

Returning to his old stomping grounds for Voodoo, G-Eazy's performance will certainly be one for the record books. Whether you're falling for his vintage style, impressive live shows, musical versatility, production skills, street cred or bad boy stylings, it's pretty clear that G-Eazy is just another example of NOLA's stellar music scene. Don't miss this up and coming example of what's next in hip-hop. —Lauren Adam

Matt and Kim

11/3/13, 3:30pm, Ritual Stage

It's not every day that a band earns an MTV Video Music Award by stripping down and baring it all in Times Square. Enter bandmates Matt & Kim who did just that and earned the Moonman for Breakthrough Video in 2009. With their quirky personalities and overtly infectious lyrics, Matt & Kim are now known for their memorable videos, the latest being a choreographed piece performed while "asleep" on a bed for their single "It's Alright." One EP and four full-length albums later, the duo have been playing anthem-pop since the early 2000's, with their latest album Lightning being released in 2012. —Briana Prevost

Kid Rock

11/3/13, 5:00pm, Ritual Stage

The late addition of Kid Rock to the Voodoo Fest lineup is a perfect fit. Aside from going on the record about his love for the city (see "New Orleans" from 2007's Rock N Roll Jesus), Kid Rock's musical genius meshes pretty well with the righteous mix of artists already participating in the festivities. Getting his start as a DJ and hip-hop artist in Detroit, Kid Rock (AKA Robert Ritchie) may be one of the most versatile and genre-bending artists of the past few decades. Kid Rock first hit it big with 1998's rap-rock opus Devil Without a Cause, which featured the wildly popular smash jam "Bawitdaba" and redneck gangster hit "Cowboy." Since, The Kid has ventured to country-pop crossover tracks like "All Summer Long" and "Picture" featuring Sheryl Crow. His musical style it tricky to classify, as he moves so effortlessly from genre-to-genre. From hip-hop to Southern rock, rap-rock to county, and kick-ass rocker to broken hearted softie, The Kid maneuvers without breaking a sweat. Through it all, he has somehow managed to maintain his American badass image while continuing to meld different styles on his 2013 album, Rebel Soul, as only the "Early Mornin Stoned Pimp" could do. While the many faces of Kid flow as easy as booze on Bourbon, be assured that his performance will rock harder than anything you have ever seen. Anyone who saw his Rebel Soul Tour in February will tell you that Kid Rock and his backing group, The Brown Trucker Band, put on one of the best shows in music. —Lauren Adam

Moon Taxi

11/3/13. 5:30pm, Carnival Stage

There is no replacement for good songwriting. Coupled with a unique tone along with a group oneness, the gentlemen from Nashville-based band Moon Taxi have taken the reigns to produce their own style of music that is riddled with captivating song structures. The five-piece group formed in 2006 while attending Belmont University. They quickly began to write songs, starting their own independent label, 12 South Records. A year later in 2007, their first studio effort Melodica was released.The record reflected the raw talent of the group that has supported their unique sound ever since. After touring the Southeast in support of the album, their next project was a live show recording, which came out in 2008 as Live Ride. The two-set, nearly thirty-song night album boosted the band into yet another level of success as their energetic live performances and maturing material were revealed. However, it was the 2010 release of their sophomore studio LP Cabaret that has now gained the group a loyal, national following. That same year, a stellar performance at the popular event Hangout Music Festival, along with a national coast-to-coast tour, solidified Moon Taxi as a national up and coming favorite. Cabaret includes break-away material like "Mercury" as well as "Whiskey Sunsets" which redefines the band's sound. Their latest release and third studio album, Mountains Beaches Cities, was released in September 2013. Favorites include "Running Wild" which captures the band's signature sound along with "The New Black" which touches on a more raw blues style combined with the same Moon Taxi flavor. Vocals by singer Trevor Terndrup, a tight use of melody, ripping guitar riffs, and stretched live shows, truly make Moon Taxi one of a kind. Catch them at Voodoo for a memorable performance, songs that will stick in your head and a show that will leave you wanting more. —Chris Dibenedetto

Beats Antique

11/3/13, 6:00pm, Le Plur Stage

If you're looking for laid-back, infectious dance music, look no further than Beats Antique. They've rocked several shows in New Orleans over the years, making this year's Voodoo performance a highly welcomed one. Self-described as "electro-acoustic gypsy hip hop," Beats Antique has a unique blend of instrumentals that move the crowd in ways they never thought possible. With a steady beat and far out instrumentation delivered via keyboards, percussion, and synths, Beats Antique has a modern, yet rustic feel to their chilled-out fusion of experimental music, which is influenced by each of their diverse musical backgrounds. Their live shows not only mix various samples and rhythms, but they also incorporate tribal belly dancing and performance art to complete the overall performance. The belly dancer, Zoe Jakes, is a lifelong dancer and has been belly dancing since 2000. Her execution is mesmerizing and inspires the crowd to get into the music right along with her. Beats Antique has released an album every year since 2007, including two in 2010. Their upcoming album A Thousand Faces - Act I will be released in October, in the middle of their Animal Mechanique tour of venues and festivals throughout the U.S. just before Voodoo. Touring and recording often, they're a hardworking group with a respectable dedication to their music. They specialize in blending old and new with global sounds to introduce audiences to a whole new world of musical possibilities while grounding the songs in electronic and hip hop rhythms. This will be an amazing set, so look out for this performance at this year's Voodoo Fest. —Carolyn Heneghan

Dr. John

11/3/13, 7:30pm, Flambeau Stage

So much can be said about a hometown hero like Mac Rebennack, known around the world as the personality Dr. John "The Night Tripper." The pure embodiment of the culture, music, and attitude the has inspired so many to enjoy New Orleans, the artist has developed into a living legend though still working on new music even in these later stages in his long career. He released his first famed album Gris-Gris in 1968 and the "Night Tripper" was born, bringing with Dr. John a tidal wave of voodoo mysticism, funk, rhythm & blues, psychedelic rock, and creole flavor. Riddled with classic scores such as "Mama Roux," the unique sounds of Dr. John turned heads around the world as his creeping funky sound celebrated the rich heritage he grew up with in New Orleans. The Grammy Award-winning pianist, singer, and composer has since held a decorated career not only through his own solo efforts but through his uncanny talent for working with famed artists like The Rolling Stones and Aretha Franklin.His next set of albums were widely praised. Sun, Moon, & Herbs was released in 1971 with cameos from friends Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton. However, it was the 1973 debut of In The Right Place that scored Dr. John the chart topping hits "Right Place, Wrong Time" and "Such A Night" that truly put the artist in the waking eye of popular music. Besides being honored with Grammy Awards in 1989, 1992, 1996, and 2000, Dr. John was also awarded the prestigious Academie Charles Cros 57eme Palmares award of France in 2004. It was the first time a non-French resident was awarded such honors since the 1970's.In 2011, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where his years of work were admired though the artist proved he was not quite done yet when he released the praised album Locked Down with Danny Auerbach of The Black Keys as producer. Continuing to perform around the world, especially in the city he cherishes so much, the breath-taking performances of Dr. John will always rattle the world and defy categorization. The raspy vocals bring in his creeping rhythms and melodic interpretations like a fog rolling over a damp swamp; soaking the crowd in mysticism and forever exhaling the spirit of New Orleans unto each and every listener. —Chris Dibenedetto

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