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VILLAGEx Now Open to Assist Entrepreneurs

15:00 November 09, 2020
By: Brhea Washington

New Orleans's nonprofit organization, The Idea Village, has aimed to support regional startup businesses throughout the city towards a brighter future. According to their website, VILLAGEx is an industry-leading accelerator program focused on providing mentorship, education, and tools from industry leaders to assist entrepreneurial businesses. This program will provide both virtual and limited in-person programming opportunities, supplying mentorship to aid entrepreneurs in the development and growth of their startup businesses. Interested entrepreneurs can apply online at until November 20, and the program will run for 16 weeks, starting this January and going until May 2021.

VILLAGEx offers various beneficial services towards boosting and developing rapid growth of entrepreneurial businesses. VILLAGEx's selection criteria emphasize the product, team, traction, and market of the entrepreneurial business. It seeks startup businesses that are integrating technology to resolve or enhance processes, set the stage to enable growth within their business, and produce new, inventive ideas to revolutionize the business market. VILLAGEx's startup accelerator will provide entrepreneurs with advantageous information and guidance regarding business models, projects, and operations. It will also offer entrepreneurs firsthand resources, peer connections, support for pitches and fundraising, and networking opportunities.

VILLAGEx will conclude with a virtual demo day during which founders will showcase the growth of their company and future for potential success. The virtual event will host an audience of over 500 people, allowing investors and community members throughout the country to offer support for local startups. Idea Village emphasizes that VILLAGEx will help to hone entrepreneurial business models towards long-term success that ultimately helps to support businesses, gain prospective customers, receive financing, and build a community that will benefit upcoming businesses.

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