Vela Veda Debuts "Borrowed Ladders"

11:11 July 22, 2022
By: Emily Hingle

Vela Veda's album Borrowed Ladders is not just the debut album of an up-an-coming artist that you haven't yet heard of. This is the fruit of Brian Danos' labor; electronic musician, producer, and tech professional. With this piece of work, Brian has fused technology with soulful music in a way that I have not seen done before.

The nine-track album opens with Se Lavi and it immediately encompasses you with smooth esoteric ambiance punctuated with exotic beats. The horn section in the middle of the track brings a true New Orleans flavor to the glassy piece, but they don't overpower it either which is quite refreshing. The songs flow into one another seamlessly, scaling up euphorically then winding down whimsically. Imagine floating in the water being gently moved up and down by the waves. That's what this feels like.

The word "borrowed" in the album's title may refer to the many featured artists that Vela Veda has chosen to feature. He's "borrowing" their immense talent and creative to add even more layers to the music. "Wake Me" featuring the raspy, sexy vocal abilities of Maggie Koerner is a fantastic song with dark, jazzy horns, danceable drum rhythms, and poppy electronic beats. I could definitely see this song because used in a movie soundtrack soon. I particularly like "War Cry" featuring the 79rs Gang because it's got a fast, upbeat rhythm with a very Caribbean feel to it, yet it has a macabre bent to it which makes the song feel entirely New Orleanian.

In addition to creating a unique album, Brian Danos, a tech entrepreneur, has created several versions of the album cover which can be purchased via NFT only. Vela Veda will discuss this new way of interacting with music/art and more on the New Orleans: Then and Now panel presentation happening in virtual reality on Thursday, August 4th, 4 PM Central. Info on how to join here.

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