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Uptown's Top 5 Consignment/ Exchange Stores

20:00 August 04, 2014
By: 2Fik

 Swap Boutique

Price range: Moderate


The success of Swap can be seen with its multiple locations and endless positive reviews from customers. Prices can range from moderate to high as this shop carries more brand name and designer goods. Trendy clothing and accessories are selectively organized and put on display by friendly shop owners and associates. The overall look seems to cater to more of an older crowd. Swap is an ideal location to find a new work outfit in the office or a classy dress for a formal occasion. Women’s fashion only.

Uptown location: 5530A Magazine St.

   Buffalo Exchange

Price range: Inexpensive


Catering to a younger demographic from teenagers to mid-to-late 20's hipsters, Buffalo Exchange has a wide variety of trendy and fun collections for both men and women, including accessories and shoes. The store is well organized and the staff is friendly and helpful. Get a fun summer outfit and stay fashionably cool!

Location: 3312 Magazine St.

Prima Donna’s Closet 

Price range: Above moderate to Pricey


Prima Donna’s Closet flaunts three locations: French Quarter, Metairie, and Uptown. Classy set ups display the variety of designer brands for both men and women. Similar to Swap, Prima’s is slightly more expensive and caters to a more mature audience with a touch of vintage. Don’t forget to check out their bridal selection!

Location: 1206-1212 St. Charles Ave.

On The Other Hand 

Price range: Inexpensive

Clothing Exchange/Thrift

Although the fully-packed racks might look overwhelming, you will no doubt find a little hidden treasure somewhere in this store. In addition to clothing, the shop carries accessories, household objects, and furniture. As recommended by Yelp reviewers, don’t forget to check out their dresses. On The Other Hand caters to more mature customers with an eye for vintage items, stocking men’s and women’s fashion with a touch of the ‘50s.

Location: 8204 Oak St.

Glue Clothing Exchange 

Price range: Moderate

Clothing Exchange

An exceptional favorite of mine, Glue caters to those with a more rocker/rebellious fashion style. Conveniently right next to On The Other Hand, it’s like travelling through time stepping from one store to the next, from the ‘50s to ‘70s and beyond. If you are going for a look that will make you stand out (in a good way) from every other person walking down the street, this is the place for you. The store carries men’s and women’s clothing plus accessories for a wide range of styles.

Location: 8206 Oak St.

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