[Photos Provided by Greg Roques]

Two Door Cinema Club Kicks It At The Joy

21:31 September 19, 2017
By: Greg Roques

The sounds of the late-‘00s rock scene thundered through the walls of the Joy Theater Tuesday night, Sept. 18, as Irish indie-quintet Two Door Cinema Club ensured their presence was heard in New Orleans. The show began with a rapid-fire succession of hits from their 2010 debut Tourist History — “Cigarettes in the Theater”, “Undercover Martyn”, “Do You Want It All?”, “This is the Life” —set against a blistering light show. The energetic performance made room for all of their familiar earlier material, as well as a varied selection of tracks from their latest effort, 2016’s Gameshow.


Many of their recent songs like “Bad Decisions”, and “Lavender” are heavy on synthy-EDM beats and looping backing choruses (“Are We Ready?(Wreck)”), common among their modern alternative peers such as Bastille and Imagine Dragons; however, Two Door Cinema Club blends into the zeitgeist without sacrificing the groovy indie-rock rhythms that made them stand out at the turn of the decade. Likewise, Alex Trimble’s vocals are so spot on you would have trouble telling he wasn’t lip syncing if you were sitting in the top row.


The all-ages crowd tirelessly jumped and swayed through the whole set, closing out with Beacon's “Sun” and “What You Know”.



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