Twin Forks Take You To Gasa Gasa

00:00 November 16, 2013
1393475_743119102380231_1335614396_nTwin Forks - Twin Forks

 Local band Birdfinger started the show, starting out a little weak but finishing their set strong. Following Birdfinger was a North Carolina family band, Matrimony. The crew members carried the instruments today the stage. Seeing a mandolin and banjo being set on stage it was obvious that the crowd was in for a Folksy treat.

Finally the moment came for Twin Forks to play. The lead singer was former front man Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional. The anticipation amongst the small crowd was palpable. Everyone was curious as to how much of Dashboard would be incorporated into the new band.

 Gasa Gasa is a new bar on Freret and glancing around it was easy to figure the place could hold a little over 100 people standing. The crowd remained small through the first two bands, but it was enough to wonder how many people would venture in now that the featured band was on stage. When the band took the stage people began to crowd toward the stage, but the crowd never built to any more than 50 people.

The show was intimate to say the least. The lack of a larger crowd was disappointing, but the small crowd helped to make more intimate show. It was easy to feel a connection with the band as they chatted with the crowd between songs. It felt more like watching your friends band play as opposed to being at an actual concert.

Having had released a six song EP only days before the show, the band all looked like they were enjoying their new group. The set list was a wide variety of songs, six coming directly off their EP, and one song from Carrabba’s former band. The disappointment at not hearing more of the former band’s song was obvious, but it was easy to understand the choice in songs. It’s hard to move on to something new if you don’t know how to leave the past where it is. - Lee Pointer

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