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TV on the Radio

06:05 January 05, 2015
By: 2Fik

TV on the Radio
Harvest Records 

Brooklyn-based indie rockers TV on the Radio have never been afraid to take chances. Their incomparable style of music stems smorgasbord of influences like punk, soul, funk, electronica and alternative rock. 

Seeds is the first album since 2011, and it was worth the wait. The group covers a variety of genres within the first few songs. "Could You" is an outlier with stadium rock qualities, quick guitar shreds and uplifting horns. 

With swirls of ambient vocals and psychedelia, the single "Happy Idiot" helps to set the tone of greatness for this album. Catchy synth hooks and leadman Tunde Adebimpe's signature deadpan vocals complement each other wonderfully. 

Immediately after, the record shifts gears with the slow-burning and melancholy "Test Pilot." While this dramatic mood change could easily derail other albums, it only further showcases Tv on the Radio's wide gamut of talent. 

"Right Now" brings the album back to a happier note, featuring danceable beats and softer singing. Thick bass and distortion kick off "Winter," which evolves into a head-bobbing song of the season. 

Although it's par for the course with TVOTR, most songs clock in at more than 4 minutes, and it can feel like they drag on a little longer than necessary. 

Overall, Seeds is a milestone of the band's continued growth and progress over the years. 

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