Tulane University Named Fourth For
Sep 12 2017

Tulane University Named Fourth For "Happiest College Students"

By: Ariel Roy

In an article in Town & Country Magazine, a list of 20 colleges with the happiest students included New Orleans’s own Tulane University as number four. This should come as no surprise. After all, the university has been constantly voted one of the best schools in Louisiana and the most selective institutions of higher education. Located on the famous St. Charles Avenue in the Uptown neighborhood, Tulane is the perfect example of New Orleans elegance and culture. Yet just because Tulane has become a top-tier college, that doesn’t mean it has lost its Southern roots. In fact, because of its location in The Big Easy, Tulane attracts students from all over the country and internationally. Students can experience the city while learning more about local culture during their time at school. With a wide-ranging student body in all its institutions and a commitment to promote diversity and leadership, Tulane students thrive in an atmosphere that makes them among the happiest in the country.  

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