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Tulane to Play in Famous Idaho Potato Bowl on December 22

09:00 December 21, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

Tulane University is no stranger to competition in a post-season bowl match, but this year's venture into bowl territory marks a first since the team's inception. This is Tulane's third straight competition in an annual bowl match, and the first time that the team has ever had such a streak. The bowl in question, of course, is the famed Idaho Potato Bowl. Held annually in, you guessed it, Boise, Idaho, this match is a well-loved tradition within the state and a point of pride for any team with the privilege to participate. The match will be held at 2:30 p.m. central time on December 22, so be sure to tune in to a sports broadcasting network such as ESPN on your radio, television, or streaming device, should you want to catch the match live.

Unfortunately, no in-person participation from fans will be allowed; only the teams and necessary staff will be on the field when the match starts. Seeing as how COVID-19 cases have recently seen a dramatic spike, holding a heated sports match viewed nationally with a tremendous number of fans shouting and sweating while packed in close vicinity would not be the wisest choice. But ESPN will be streaming and televising the match, and you can visit espn.com to watch the livestream when the time comes.

Tulane's Green Wave is an offensive force to be reckoned with, averaging a remarkable 218.9 yards of ground taken every game. When compared with the whole nation, this puts Tulane in 18th place. Defensively, too, the team is a massive threat, with nearly three-and-a-half sacks on average every single game, placing them 12th nationally and in the first place of teams in the American Athletic Conference.

You can visit the Tulane sports team's website at tulanegreenwave.com to view news about impending sports matches, as well as a full schedule of football games both near and far.

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