Truth Universal- The Resistance Vol. 2: Polygraph

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: Greg Roques
Truth Universal
[Courtesy of Truth Universal Music]

Truth Universal
The Resistance Vol. 2: Polygraph
Truth Universal Music

"I'm a vegetarian/but I'm about to go H.A.M. ('hard as a motherfucker' for those unfamiliar with the vernacular)" spits Truth Universal on the opening track to his latest EP, a sequel to last August's mix tape, The Resistance. The verse is a perfect analogy for the composition of The Resistance Vol. 2: Polygraph—a set of smooth soul tracks pitted against an acerbic lyrical commentary attacking corporate and government corruption. In contradiction to the majority of commercial hip-hop, which unleashes seismic beats and mammoth production to deafen the tired theatre of thug posturing, superfluous purchases and exaggerated sexual conquests endlessly recounted in its rhymes, Truth's chilled out backing melodies belie the prolific density of his poetic politicism; in fact, they effectively provide a pensive conductor for his verses, allowing listeners to slowly absorb his impact.

Target's of his penetrating prose include BP ("Polygraph"), immigration reform ("Immigrant"), and the banking industry ("Paperchase") among other villains spoiled by money and power. He eases up some on the album's final track, "Exceptional," expressing his feelings for a special woman.
Truth Universal varies his flow on each track, keeping things fresh and interesting, and locals will enjoy the New Orleans references. It's sometimes hard to tell if Truth Universal is having fun ("the only time with me you'll see bottles get popped/is when they're filled with gas and got a rag at the top"). Chances are, with his molotov cocktail of compelling thoughts and take-no-prisoners delivery, his audience will have a blast.

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