All photos: Courtesy of Lance Koudele

Triple-S Invitational 2015

14:30 June 24, 2015
By: Chris Stuckey

Earlier this month, I ventured over to a thin stretch of island on the North Carolina coast commonly referred to as 'the Outer Banks' or the 'OBX' for the 10th Anniversary of the Triple-S Invitational powered by Venyu (based in Baton Rouge). 

As a board sports athlete and avid extreme sports enthusiast, this little piece of paradise is home to REAL Watersports, one the best kiteboarding schools in the world rated by Outdoor Magazine and Men's Journal. Since 1998, REAL has taught more than 42,000 students how to kiteboard, surf and SUP.

The Venyu Triple-S began in 2006, the brainchild of REAL Co-Founder Trip Forman and REAL teamrider Jason Slezak. The purpose of this kiteboarding event is to invite 36 of the best riders in the world to ride epic conditions for wakestyle riding and push the level of riders competitive abilities.

Since the OBX is 35 miles away form the mainland and any wind obstructions, kiteboarders can find clean and steady wind from any direction to kite year-round. In addition to the geographical location of the island between the North and South Atlantic oceans, the OBX is one of the top surfing destinations on the East Coast. And, I didn't forget you sportsmen, the OBX islands allow you to drive your big truck on the beach, home to deep-sea & brackish water fishing, scuba diving and even duck hunting in the colder months.
What is truly amazing about this extreme sports event is the level of interaction spectators can have with the professionals (including Red Bull athletes) riding on the water and at the parties. Guy or gal, Sensi Graves Bikinis always keeps it classy and fun for the Sunset Swim Fashion Showto raise funds for Athletes 4 Cancer. Triple-S is a marathon of reveling and the intensity of action is entirely up to you. Within a seven day window, whether you're a competitive athlete or a spectator- the event hosts 10 parties/10 bands. 

Next time you're considering a week of revelry with friends, renting a big house adjacent to gorgeous warm waters, learning a new extreme sport- fly out to Waves for the Venyu Triple-S Invitational at REAL Watersports.
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