Top 20 Horror Film Countdown: No. 20-16

10:00 October 03, 2016

For horror film fans, October is a big month movie and spirit-wise. Over the next four weeks, Where Y’at will be counting down some of the best movies for this spooky, fun-filled time of year. Some of these are go-to classics, others are remakes done right, while even more are terrifying by helping give audiences a scare worth anticipating. Enjoy, and get ready to be on the edge of your seat as we countdown to our number one Horror movie for Halloween!

Top 20 Horror Film Countdown

20. Black Christmas, 1974

Director: Bob Clark

What’s so great about this creepy movie, set during the Christmas break at a university, is the subtlety in the manner in which the film unfolds. The villain remains obscured throughout, but the violence this person unleashes on unsuspecting college girls is terrifying and makes even the happy times surrounding Christmas even more bleak when you consider the evils that lie amongst you, in your safe place.

Top 20 Horror Film Countdown

19. The Crow, 1994

Director: Alex Proyas

Not a horror movie in the general sense of the word, but this film, set during the days surrounding all Hallows Eve provide a wonderfully dark, complex portrait of love, and of what you would do if given the chance to set the wrongs right. Brandon Lee, in his last film before passing, marvelously brings the story to life as a ghost from beyond who returns through supernatural means in order to get revenge for what was done to him and his fiancee.

Top 20 Horror Film Countdown

18. House of The Devil, 2009

Director: Ti West

These days Ti West is a common name among horror circles, but in my opinion, it’s mostly because of the nuance and careful ways he executes this slow burning, but magnificently unnerving movie. Tom Noonan is the main source of discomfort in the film, but the minimal cast and the usage of creepy tones and even weirder circumstances of the movie make it something for fans of horror, without all the usual in your face gore.

Top 20 Horror Film Countdown

17. I Saw The Devil, 2011

Director: Kim Jee-Won

What would you do is your life partner was taken from you in a vile way? That’s the basic groundwork for this fast paced, super violent recent movie. From start to finish it acts as a horror film set in a chase scene that pits a well trained, high ranking security officer and the man who ruined his life. It’s intense and in your face, and while the scares throughout aren’t going to make you weep and jump in nervous tangents, the sheer amount of brutality put forth by both men makes this pick a worthy addition for your viewing pleasure.

Top 20 Horror Film Countdown

16. Trick R Treat, 2007

Director: Michael Dougherty

One of the best Halloween set movies ever released enters our list at number sixteen. This horror anthology, set during Halloween night in a distant but familiar small town has everything a horror fan would want. Hot girls with beautiful hair are featured, as well as some of the worst parental decisions ever portrayed on film. If you like gore, meandering stories that tie in together in random, unexpected ways, this movie is for you. 

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